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Since 1997, Carjen
Foods Pte Ltd has been founded as a global manufacturer of Malaysian fast
moving consumer goods. The company has evolved into a well-established and
dynamic organization specializing in the production of high-quality snack
biscuits, extruder presses, instant noodles and noodles snacks. Today, Carjen’s
products have been exported to Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Hong
Kong, Taiwan, South America, Lebanon, Indonesia, Nepal, Brunei, New Guinea,
Reunion, Micronesia and Canada

Carjen Food is a privately owned company
controlled by Mr. Fred Essey and having 280 working staffs. The company vision of Carjen Food Sdn Bhd is to
be an internationally famed manufacturer of high quality products that meets worldwide
recognised standards. Moreover, Carjen’s mission is to be a top snack food
manufacturer in Malaysia by distributing high quality products and good service
to all customers at all the time. Carjen’s business environment contributes to
the well-being and development of both local and international communities.

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Carjen Food includes
three family brand which is E-ZEE, E-Mi, and J.J. In May 2004, Carjen’s has
been qualified with the prestigious internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality
management system and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food
safety certification system certification. Further, they also HALAL certified
by the Malaysian Ministry of Islamic Development (JAKIM), so the products are safe
for consumption by Muslims. Furthermore, Carjen’s facilities and processes
comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements.

Carjen Food’s product
are very familiar local brand in Malaysia. Buyer are able to purchase their
company product at nine selected supermarkets which is Econsave, Giant, and
Family store across the country. Besides, the company also having 3 sales
office allocated in Melaksa, Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Pinang. Carjen’s success
can be attributed to its all commitment to customer satisfaction and developing
quality products.

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