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Sympathy, compassion, and pity—these are the attitudes most people nowadays may have towards physically, sexually, and emotionally abused children. Child abuse is generally defined as any form of aggression or violence which hurts a child. It can be in the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect (Havelin, 2000). With the number of victims increasing everyday, child maltreatment has grown into a serious social predicament all over the world that this issue has caught the attention and concern of the media and various international institutions like the UNICEF (Havelin, 2000).This implies how large and severe the impact of child abuse has caused as a societal problem, and how crucial it has become to save these children from being maltreated. The article Many Cultures Accept Shocking Child Abuse by Steven Edwards (2006) of the Leader Post highlights the alarming truths about child abuse in the world today. The article primarily discusses the United Nation’s observations on this disturbing issue. Physical and sexual types of abuse are mentioned in the article as the two most observed types of maltreatment all over the world at present.

The article also reveals that some countries remain tolerant and lenient about this issue until now, whereas powerful countries such as the United States and Canada have already performed their initial steps in trying to eradicate the dilemma (Edwards, 2006). Various efforts include extensive government programs and campaigns on minimizing the levels of violence against children. There are countries that have treatises and laws that grant children several privileges and rights, but such appear to be mere pieces of papers and signatures (Edwards, 2006).The issue of child abuse worsens by the day as more children become the pitiful victims; thus, it is highly important to create and implement extreme measures to eradicate this problem. Aside from the social welfare organizations and local government units, the role of health educators is essential particularly in raising the public’s awareness on the realities of child abuse. More often than not, public health educators are the ones that average people can immediately consult when seeking for medical and health-related advice.Considering this, it appears that public health educators also have immediate contact with these people, and this proximity can aid them in reaching out to the public and informing them about the truth behind child abuse and ways to prevent it or stop it from recurring.

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Hence, with the help of public health educators, the number of people willing to help may increase. Moreover, campaigning against child abuse will also inform the victims that they can seek help and stop the abuse from occurring (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2009).Considering the current state of child abuse in the world, it appears that the world may actually find it difficult to eradicate child abusive acts completely today because of several factors, including the implementation of laws on child abuse, the available help, and personal choices of people.

However, caring enough and choosing not to be ignorant and lenient about this issue will be a significant help for the young victims of child abuse.From international organizations like the United Nations, to the local level such as the local health educators, and down to each citizen, help can be extended to the victims of child maltreatment. References Child Welfare Information Gateway. (2009).

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