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Do you think it is appropriate to add your boss as a friend on Backbone or Twitter and send work correspondence this way? E. G. You will be late or absent from work. Backbone and Twitter are an online social networking service which can be used as often as you choose. These websites are used by people to keep up with family and friends sometimes also for business purposes, near and far to send messages or chat with one another.

Backbone and Twitter is a mass media social network, once I add money as a friend this individual now has full access to whatever is posted on my account, such as my pictures and my written thought. Adding my boss requires serious consideration depending on my relationship with my boss meaning whether the relationship is cordial, prior friendship, close, acquaintance or tense, because my boss is a business partner to me.

There are advantages and dish advantages where adding my boss is concern, the advantages are my boss may see that I have a life outside of work; this may help me score some extra time to organize my work life with y social life balance. In addition it might bring me and my boss’s relationship closer seeing that we may have common interests outside of the workplace.

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Finally I might get the best of it, if my boss sees Vive got nothing to hide or fear by accepting his or her friend request, but use privacy controls and friends list to make sure they don’t access information that could negatively be used against me; or I could Just keep my account clean, really nothing online is truly private. The disadvantages of adding my boss are that I will most likely be more reserved in my posts. And by more reserved I mean less fun, no pictures of my beach limes and other fun loving pictures.

Also if my account isn’t clean it may cost me my Job even if I’m not the one that posts something inappropriate. Next some bosses have admitted as to having a certain suspicion about some employees and so by being their friend with them on this website is an excuse to keep tabs on them during the work days to ensure they’re on tasks. In concluding while Backbone and Twitter started out as a website for college students to make conservation, it is no longer opened only to an exclusive roof, but rather it has been expanded to everyone.

Overall, it is probably healthiest to keep my relationship with my boss professional instead of befriending them. I can connect with them via e-mail, text messaging, through black berry messaging, or the easiest of them all Just a phone call. If you choose to for work be friends with your boss, Just be aware that what you post and your friends post on my account or wall can and will be seen by your boss who ensures you receive a paycheck that is of course if you don’t limit their access to your profile.

I don’t think it’s appropriate at all to friend your boss on Backbone or Twitter for work related correspondence, if the company has a Backbone profile and has agreed that correspondence can be sent this way, its k. On the other hand if it’s my personal account and the bosses personal account then once again depending on my relationship with the boss. I Norte near normal circumstances I wall not De Eternal Witt my Doss on tense websites. Why do you want your boss to know what you do on you days off or sick

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