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Should Transgender Individuals be allowed
to Serve in the US Military?


this essay I will discuss whether or not Transgender Individuals should be
allowed to serve in the US military. I will look at the arguments for and
against transgenderism in the military and I will also give my opinion on this.

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July 2017 Donald Trump banned Transgender Individuals from serving in the US
military through a number of tweets;
“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised
that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender
individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military”.
This has reversed the Obama policy in 2016 where Transgender members could no
longer be forced to leave the military and could serve openly. Furthermore, The
Independent tells us ‘A federal judge in Washington DC has blocked Donald
Trump’s attempt to prohibit transgender Americans from serving in the military’. The University of
California, Las Vegas study estimated that in 2014 there were approximately
5500 transgender members that were enlisted on active duty.

One key
argument for allowing transgender individuals to serve in the US Military is that
many American citizens are adamant that transgender people should be treated
with equality. Disregarding transgender members from the Military proves that
America is failing to treat every individual equally. According to a National
Poll report by Quinnipiac, 60% of US voters agree with allowing transgender
members in the military. The assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll had said
in a statement along with releasing the survey results “Voters say a soldier is
a soldier, no matter what his/her gender is.”

In addition to this, there has been a significant amount of
evidence supporting the fact that transgender individuals have a proven record
of being able to serve effectively in the military. Transgender service has
been going on since the 1980s but has only come to light in recent times. The
Centre for Strategic & International Studies mentions ‘There are an estimated 150,000 transgender Americans who have served in
the U.S. armed forces, with approximately
15,000 serving today across all kinds of units’.

overseas military services also openly allow the Transgender community to serve
in the military. There is very little evidence to support any outcomes stating
that creating an area in the military for a more diverse group of individuals,
including the Transgender community will have any sort of impact on unit
cohesion. This is heavily highlighted in RAND Corporation’s website article
titled ‘assessing the implications of allowing transgender personnel to serve openly’
 “Commanders noted that policies had
benefits for all for all service members by creating a more inclusive and
diverse force”


One key argument against allowing
Transgender Individuals in the US Military

Is the cost of its specific
transgender medical care. It is argued that that transgender medical costs are ‘Tremendous’
and is considered a “burden” to the US military. President of America, Donald
Trump tweeted “Our military must be focused on decision and overwhelming victory
and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that
transgender in the military would entail.” According to Lexa Michaelides on quora
it is estimated that the transgender medical cost in the military is 8.4
million dollars per year. Out of an estimated defence department expense of 50
billion dollars.


Likewise another dispute against
allowing transgenders in the US military is that they may not be “fit enough”
to serve in the military. This is as soldiers who have transitioned, regularly
require medical appointments regarding their hormone treatment. Therefore this
can lead to an issue for the military as the military requires all of their
members to be combat-ready at all times. According to the Daily signal somebody
that has transitioned tends to not be deployable for the military. Similarly
another weakness that transgenders may have that can be unsteady for the
military is that they mentally may not be strong enough to undergo extreme
stress by the military. Such as remaining fully flexible at all times.  According to studies showed that
“Transgender Individuals attempt suicide and experience physiological distress
at rates many times the US national average.”

Another key argument for
allowing transgenders to serve in the military comes from looking at
overseas military services that openly allow the Transgender community to serve
in the military. There is very little evidence to support any outcomes stating
that creating an area in the military for a more diverse group of individuals,
including the Transgender community will have any sort of impact on unit
cohesion, any effect on adapting to operational duties and readiness.

In conclusion it would be
irresponsible to construct the opinion of not allowing transgender individuals
the privilege of providing service to their country. There is not enough
evidence or studies put forward to support the argument that the US military
will be at a disadvantage for recruiting members of the Transgender community.
However as I have highlighted in this article , there is very believable
reasoning given in support of openly accepting the transgender community to be
able to perform in the military just as well as any other member of the US
public. Ultimately my opinion in this matter is simple. If the person is
capable, fit and healthy then there should be no reason for them not to be able
to serve in the military.











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