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Should Animals Be Used For Scientific Research? Is It Humanly? Should Animals Be Used For Scientific Research? Is It Humanly? What should you protect, animals or human lives? It is factual to protect both parties but what matters is how the civic understands the issue. Conferring to me, I consider animal testing vital although in some cases it sounds as an abuse to animals due to many discoveries from trying these drugs on them. If you deny this, do you imagine our lives without antibiotics, insulin, vaccines, organ transplantation, HIV treatments, eart- bypass surgery and many others?

On the point of view, the use of animals is a controversial issue and many people sight it inversely, that is, the treatment of the animals and the reasoning behind testing on these animals if it’s for a greater cause or not. There are those who wonder if animals are treated realistically and whether they are cared for appropriately. However, some think it is the best way to learn the effects of substances in living body and possible ways of saving millions of lives.

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With ne animal’s response to either a drug or new procedure of surgery, it allows scientists to observe effects on living tissues under controlled circumstances since animals are a match to humans and for that reason more deaths are eluded. Another essential aspect of animal testing is to ensure the safety of drugs and other substances human beings are exposed to. Researchers are also allowed to scale the safety of drugs before trying them in humans hence saving and improving the quality of human life.

On the other hand, animal testing has its drawbacks since mmeasurable animals lose their lives after the experiment and others are fatally injured. Consequently, many of these animals receives tests for substances that will never be approved or consumed hence the animals experimented die in vain incase no benefit occurs to humans. Also, animal rights activists debate that testing on animals is torture and pointless for the reason that animals are worthy of respect and have a right to live Just as human beings. From the biblical point of view, “Human beings are stewards of God’s creation.

They should treat animals with love and care”. Another limitation on the issue of animal testing is that it is expensive since the animals experimented must be fed, housed, cared for and treated with a related experimental substance. The other disadvantage is that animal testing cannot be fully relied upon whether it’s a mouse, bird, rabbit or monkey since each animal is not similar to human beings and if the experiment and feedback is not reliable it will cause fatal outcomes. In conclusion, I strongly believe that no one chooses to use animals where there is no need and it doesn’t content anyone.

But on the contrary, nimal research is a vital exercise since tests that are done in the laboratory will ensure safer products and advanced technology that will ensure prevention and cure of diseases known and those that are not yet known. To sum up this, a question still lingers, should scientists use animals in their research or not? Or should animals be accorded respect whereas human lives perishing? The controversial topic of animal research will continue as long as human life is in danger and scientific sighting is on the peak to safe the dying life! Wikipedia, pdf document and Journals.

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