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Mission is to focus on helping to improve the lives of everyday families Juggling work, personal goals, daily chores, and emergencies on a daily basis. We specialize in the building of strong families by offering specific personalized services in a timely fashion unlike any-other company under the sun. We are here to serve the Hampton Roads area in Virginia and expand to several states across the globe by the year 2014. Our company is composed of several veterans which each have well over 20 years of service to the country.Career Opportunities are always available as we seek o hire veterans and their families, we have a desire to give back to our communities and enrich the lives of our employees through medical, dental and several other benefits. We currently have a staff of well over 250 veterans serving the families of Hampton Roads.

Our Core Values are integrity, loyalty and commitment. We must exhibit the highest integrity on a daily basis for the life-time of our company, this will allow “Life Coach Assistant” to be the most admired company in existence. We remain loyal to our clients, even after their services are discontinued.We have the highest level of Commitment to each of our families and insist on continuously improving their quality of life, through our loving attention to detail and specialized touch. The Goals of “Life Coach Assistant” as discussed within our mission are to continue to provide the assistance and help for families throughout the Virginia area and expand to several States across the country by the year 2014.

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We will be the most admired company providing quality care to families in need of a little specialized attention and time management practices.We will reach-out to several thousands of families, while having a profound impact on the communities in which we are located. Of course we have the competitive advantage in this area because of our willingness and ability to hire veterans seeking employment.

A number of our veterans hold degrees in various fields which makes our team of professionals the most sought after. Our partnership with several surrounding organizations are part of our strategic positioning which allows for the most advertisement through word of mouth, this allows our company to have competitive prices.

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