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Slut’ Can any of you really tell me the meaning of the word “slut”? No, I don’t think you can. For most of you the term “slut” is your opinion on how a girl receives male attention by the way she dresses or acts. But in reality a slut is “A woman who has many casual sexual partners. ” So why are we calling girls sluts all the time? It amazes me how often this word is used to shame girls into thinking that what they wear or how they act is unacceptable only because someone else doesn’t like it. Absolutely NO ONE has the right to call a girl a slut!

How has this become “normal” in today’s society? We have teenage girls calling other teenage girls sluts over silly little things like taking pictures of themselves in a certain way or even for wearing short shorts. So if a girl wears something revealing in some way it automatically makes them someone who’s having many different sexual relationships even if they have never had sex in their entire life!? The answer is no! It’s NEVER okay to call a girl a slut! Calling some girl a lute won’t teach them any lesson or make them want to change their ways, but it does make you worse of a person.

Every woman is entitled to her own body and what she does to it or with it has nothing to do with you so stop attacking women with this awful name!! If I hear someone call a girl a slut I will not waste any time to speak up and correct that person for what they Just said because it’s never alright to put someone down because of what that person likes and is comfortable with and especially in such a disgusting way. And don’t even waste your breathe on the whole Self-Respect” thing because you don’t know sit on what self-respect truly is.

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If you’re comfortable with showing your breasts then that’s fine and if your uncomfortable with showing your breasts that’s also fine. Having self-respect is being comfortable in whom you are and in what you do with it. Because your body is not someone else’s; it’s yours and only yours. Don’t Judge anyone else for what they enjoy wearing or what they like doing. Also, never tell anyone that how they’re dressed or what they’re doing is disrespectful to themselves because if they are comfortable and Kay with it then they entitled to do what they please.

I always hear people say that society is messed up and that it needs to change. Well guess what! You ARE society and if you want to see a change in it then start with yourself first instead of complaining and getting mad at everyone else for it. A person’s reputation doesn’t define them but a person’s character does. So next time you’re about to call a girl a slut for whatever reason think about what you’re actually calling them and ask yourself how calling her a slut is going to make anything better.

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