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I think that all of those things including your environment can be a deciding factor in your sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation is an enduring sexual attraction towards members of either our own or other sex. Think your environment plays one of the biggest roles in your sexual ordination because your environment influences the thing that you do. As a child you’re very young and impressionable it’s just like monkey see, monkey do.

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Our parents affect our relationships because our parents are the first relationship we see and as a child everything we see our parents do e mimic.There for If we grow up around a same sex relationship and you are used to seeing that in your everyday situation that is what you are use to and you may feel like that’s the way you want to live your life. So from what you saw as a child made you choose to be in a same sex relationship.

I also think that the kind of relationships that you have with your parents also affects our sexuality. The relationship with your parents is one of the most influence relationships that you have in your life so it can very much have a positive or a negative effect on you.For example you growing up having a bad relationship with your dad may leave the impression that all men are dogs. That may cause you to drift away from the opposite sex.

A male could have a horrible relationship with his mother leaving a bad impression of woman causing him to have ell feelings towards women because he never experienced a good relationship with his mom. I think there are a lot of different factors in some one big attracted to the same sex. Also someone being victimize as a child can cause them to be homosexual don’t think that s the cause for every on but I do think it played a factor in some peoples lifestyle choice.Would that be the cause for everyone no not at all but it would be for some.

Like genetic influences for example, shared sexual orientation is higher among identical twins than among fraternal twins. There are also brain differences for example gay men’s hypothalamus reacts as do straight women’s to the smell of sex-related hormones. Also the mother’s immune system may play a role in the development Of sexual orientation. Another interesting fact is that men who have older brothers are somewhat ore likely to be gay about one third more likely for each additional older brother.Altered prenatal hormones exposure may lead to homosexuality in humans and other animals. Also right handed men with several older biological brothers are more likely to be gay, possibly due to a maternal immune system reaction. Homosexuality does appear to run in families homosexual men have more homosexual relatives on their mothers side than on their father’s as you can see yes there are a lot of different things that can go into someone becoming gay.

But my opinion that think your environment plays the biggest role as it does for anyone else.Your environment shapes and moles you as a person. It might not be the deciding factor to what makes you gay, but I think it plays a big role. In the situation . So based on these findings I would have to disagree with you I very much do believe that your environment plays a huge role in your sexual orientation. Would like to think you for your time, and think that chapter four has brought some very good insight and I have learned a lot.

You made some very valet point’s thankful again for your insight.

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