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Sexual Harassment And How It Affects Women And Organizations ?Sexual Harassment and how it affects Women and Organizations?OutlineIntroduction? Overview? Purpose StatementFirst Main Point-? Women in today?s competitive society? Societies view of Women? Defining Sexual HarassmentSecond Main Point-? Sexual Harassment in the Work Place? Publicized cases of Sexual Harassment? Steps in dealing with Sexual HarassmentThird Main Point-? Recovering from Sexual Harassment in Organizations? Sexual Harassment Policies? Keys to a successful women in today?s societyConclusionReferencesAbstractSexual Harassment has become an issue our society and organizations cannot ignore. Women need to understand how to improve their position in a male dominated society and what to do if they are the victims of sexual harassment. Many organizations are trying to find ways to better educate their employees and to incorporate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment. If organizations are to keep harmony within the ranks of their employees they must act now on sexual harassment education and training.

History has shown us that sexual harassment has been around for ages and in today?s modern society it continues to be an issue that makes headlines on a daily basis. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled on several cases involving sexual harassment that has long reaching implications for all organizations and the society as sexual, harassment, women, organization, need, society, know, today?s, policy, employees, 2002, organizations, often, workplace, retrieved, july, environment, about, within, take, process, place, employee, one, men, working, even, cases, work, nothing, dealing, yourself, skills, order, important

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