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Sepsis is a possible life-threatening complication of an infection. Sepsis happens when chemicals freed inside the bloodstream to attach the infection activate inflammatory responses all over the body, and this can activate a cascade of changes that can harm some of the organ systems, causing them to fail. (Anon., 2018) If sepsis develops to septic shock, blood pressure decreases considerably, this may lead to death; which was almost the case with this patient, he came in with a BP of 133/77 and after an hour the BP dropped to 85/59, fluid was initiated but BP was keeping on dropping. Different people can develop sepsis; however it’s very common and very risky for geriatrics or patient who has weakened immune systems. Early recognition and treatment of sepsis, generally with antibiotics and huge quantity of IV fluids, raises chances for survival. (Anon., 2018)
Symptoms: Most doctors see sepsis as a medical condition with 3 stage syndrome, beginning with sepsis and develop to severe sepsis then to septic shock. They aim to treat this condition in its very early stage, before it turns out to be more risky. (Anon., 2018)
a) Sepsis: To be diagnosed with sepsis, you should at least have a likely or asserted infection and also have two of following symptoms such as ToC ;38.3 C or 90 beats per minute; RR more than 20 breaths per minute (Anon., 2018)
b) Severe sepsis: Your diagnosis can be updated to severe sepsis when you have at least one of these signs and symptoms, which shows an organ might be failing such as a very low urine output; Abrupt change in mental status; ?in platelet count; Dyspnoea, Abnormal heart pumping function, Abdominal pain (Anon., 2018)
c) Septic shock: You can also be diagnosed with septic shock, if you present with signs and symptoms of severe sepsis and also a very ? BP that does not respond to simple fluid replacement. (Anon., 2018)
Causes: In the time that any kind of infection such as bacterial, viral or fungal can lead to sepsis, but some other diseases can also lead to sepsis for instance: Pneumonia, Abdominal infection, Kidney infection, bacteraemia, and sepsis seems to be getting high is other country as in the United States and this can be caused by: Aging population— people older than 65; Drug-resistant bacteria. Most kind of bacteria may combat the effects of antibiotics that has killed them once; weakened immune systems due to HIV, cancer treatments or transplant drugs.

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