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At about 40 – 50 CO it was observed that the heated liquid sample begins to reflux in the tubes until the first distillate was collected. The mixture contains 20 ml acetone + 20 ml toluene. It is expected that at a temperature range of 56 – 57 CO all or most of the Acetone contained in the mixture should have separated from Toluene which have a boiling point of 110-111 CO. Therefore, in other to verifying the separation success, after about 20 ml distillate has been collected, ml of distillate and sides was collected into two separate test tubes and their refractive index was taken.

The distillation worked because the refractive index value that was derived was very close to the known refractive index values for both compounds in their pure state. However, the distillate may not be considered pure especially the distillate from simple distillation because simple distillation works best when it used to separate non-volatile from a solid or the boiling point differs by at least 70 CO, which is not the case of the mixture used. But for the most part f the experiment, the data collected matched the anticipated outcome of the experiment.

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Conclusion: Based on the success of the three distillation used to separate acetone and toluene mixture, it is logical to say that distillation is simple technique that can be used to separate mixtures. However, the success of distillation depends on known information about the mixtures like the volume of each that was mixed, the boiling point, refractive index, and even melting point of individual mixtures.

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