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Separate Generations, Separate Lifestyles Separate Generations, Separate Lifestyles Sally and her friends all decide to go to the bowling alley on Friday. They all pile into one car and go to hang out at the bowling alley. Everyone gathers up there spare change they made throughout the week working with ma and pa. Its not much, but enough to bowl one game.

They have fun and its time to go home. Everyone?s curfew is 10 o?clock, so they better hustle home. They all get home, wash their hands and brush their teeth.

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They are in bed by 11 o?clock. Sound familiar Not to our generation, but probably to the generations of our parents. The main difference between the our parents generations and ours is that we live in a world of technology, rather than a manual one. Everything we do has to do with technology, from watching TV to cooking supper. We live in the computer generation world. You can do unimaginable things with the internet now, pay bills, apply for college, chat with people from other countries, and find about anything you want about any subject.

When our parents were young they would go to school, come home and work till supper and then go parents, go, generations, generation, home, one, about, technology, sunday, out, now, live, fun, world, working, work, weekends, very, today, time, supper, stuff, run, rarely, o?clock, never, might, mall, help, game, find, earlier, difference, church, bowling, both

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