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Self Monitoring How Self monitoring relates to my life, I use it every day either at the work place or with my friends it is always running through my mind when communicating with other individuals or even other groups. Self monitoring is a very valuable trait to have when communicating effectively. It will help you portray an image if you can pay close attention to exactly what you’re doing and change into exactly what this person listening or watching you is looking for.

Self monitoring is a sub conscious act meaning you think about what you are about to do with a very detailed thought on how doing this action is going to help you or hurt you in the conversation. An example of how I use self monitoring would be maybe when I am first meeting someone depending on the person I am going to make a key decision in my mind of what I want this person to think of me. If I want them to think I’m a gangster I might talk with a lot of slang and have very poor posture, maybe if I am looking for a Job and

I ask to speak to the hiring manager and he comes out I am going to stand very tall, make direct eye contact, and shake his hand very firmly and become a very confident person. I also might use it as a way to get me back on track I sometimes dose off and kind of don’t pay attention to things and when I catch myself in my head that is self monitoring. Another example of self monitoring I would use in my life is when I am playing Tournament golf vs.. Recreational golf.

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During a recreational round of golf I eight be testing or talking on the phone or listening to music or even Just Joking around with my friends and going crazy, there isn’t much self monitoring going on during this type of a mindset. During a tournament round of golf I am going to be focusing on everything. I will continuously self monitor myself at address of the golf ball I will go through a sequence of self monitoring making sure I have good posture and that I am lined up for the shot I am hitting at the moment.

I also have to self monitor myself and make sure that my mind is clear and I don’t think about what my playing competitors are doing and no matter what they are doing it doesn’t matter to me. That was Just a few examples of how I personally use self monitoring. There are many different ways that people self monitor themselves for different situations. In order to communicate effectively you must be able to pay close attention to your own self monitoring.

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