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The Information Security (IS) team is responsible for promoting ongoing secure itty awareness to all information system users.

A Security Awareness program must exist to establish formal methods by which secure practices are communicated throughout the corpora action. Security guidance must exist in the form of formal written policies and proceed rues that define the principles of secure information system use and the responsibility of user s to follow them.Security awareness articles, posters, and bulletins should be periodically create De and strutted throughout the corporation to educate employees about new and existing threats to security and how to cope with them.

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All employees are responsible for promptly reporting to their management a ND Information Systems (IS) management any suspected insecure conditions or security violate ions they encounter. All employees must be made aware of their security responsibilities sees on their first day of employment as part of the nowhere orientation program.All employee s must comply with IS security policies by signing a compliance agreement that is retained in their personnel file. IS Security policies and procedures must remain current and readily available (e.

G. , via the intranet site) for Information System users to review and understand them. Information Systems (IS) management must ensure that the terms and conditions of auto organized system access are clearly communicated to potential users of those systems before a access IS granted.A formal process must exist to document that appropriate manage meet was aware of and approved all access and privileges granted to corporate system users. Justification: Organizational security awareness is an essential part of the corporate security posture. Information is one of the most valuable assets owned by the corporation, and securing information is the responsibility of every employee. Many security breaches might easily have been avoided if everyone in the corporation understood the importance of m maintaining the security of corporate assets.

The security awareness policy is intended to ensure that employees understand ND how corporate information assets are to be protected. Although senior manage NT does not believe that the breach originated from within the organization, drafting a for mall security wariness policy, ensures that employees obtain the necessary skills and trait inning to Spot suspicious activities throughout the organization. HAP, which regulates the protection of patient health information (PHI), defied nest the requirement for security awareness and training for all members of the work Orca (including management). HAP, 2014) The various regulations and safeguards outline d under HAP see to the proper care and exchange of patient health information (PHI) (e. G patient records and other sensitive data).

The creation Of a sound security awareness program ensures that everyone understands the integral roles they play in preventing and maintain Eng security throughout the corporation. Remote Access Policy (statement 2) All users who remotely access corporate systems are subject to two (2) factor authentication. Remote access to the Company’s resources should be limited to authorized e entry points (e. . , connection to centralized communication servers). Modems and remote AC sees server software not specifically approved by IS infrastructure management are not al lowed on desktop computers and workstations within the Company’s networks. Com utters remotely accessing the Company network must not simultaneously be connected to the e Internet through an outside provider. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) session is the o remonstrates user session conducted over the Internet that is approved for u SE by the corporation.

Remote access of sensitive information (i. E. Financial reports, pat intent health records, etc. ) must employ encryption techniques such as those provided in a VPN user session that have been approved for use by the corporation. The security breach described in this scenario revealed that the electronic he the record (ERR) system was accessed around the clock via remote access to the healthy are system’s network, indicating the need for stronger remote authentication measures.AY though HAP, which defines the protection of personal health information (PHI), to include t he use and protection of electronic health records or peel, does not expressly define the need for multi or two (2) factor authentication, it does specify the requirement to implement pr seduces to verify that a person or entity seeking access to electronic health information are who o they claim. (HAP, 21014)For example, tobacco authentication which is a EPIC ADS requirement for re mote access, meets the intent of the original CHIPS] requirement by addressing the risk of intercepting cleat-text administrative passwords, require ring users to supply multiple account t password combinations or a password plus a second agreed upon and verifiable identified ere such as a digital certificate.

(EPIC ADS, 2014) These systems use encryption and other sec rutty mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access the network and that the data cannot be intercepted. (Weaverbird. Mom, 2014) Users remotely connecting into the Company’s information resources must b e properly authenticated to account for the higher risk of impersonation posed by remote e location logon. The creation and enforcement of a formal Remote Access Policy will ensure t hat corporate computer networks and the information they contain are protected from any threats posed by remote network access, while enforcing strict authentication measures, ensure sees that only those personnel authorized to access the internal network Can by extension, the ERR system] are able to do so.

System Security Audit Policy (statement 3) The Information Security organization is responsible for creating policies and standards for secure operation of corporate information systems. Information Security is al so responsible for monitoring security risks and reacting to security events such as, but not Ii meted to, information access violations and data integrity and availability attacks.The Internal Audit organization is charged with making sure that policy and SST Andre control implementations are In place, are effective in safeguarding information system m assets, and are in compliance with existing contractual and legal requirements that apply o data handling and protection. The Information Systems environment must be audited annually by the corp. rate external auditor. Information Systems management is responsible for addressing audio t issues to the satisfaction of the external auditor and corporate management.

System administrators must ensure that event logging is enabled on their cyst mess in order to capture security violations against critical production data. System administer torso must perform system monitoring as part of their daily work routine. This includes, but is not limited to, the monitoring of: ; System Usage and Performance Processing ; user Access ; Overall System Services Automated tools may be used for system monitoring as long as they have bee n tested extensively and have been accepted by executive management.Audited inform nation must encompass all curtailment’s events. Examples of curtailment’s events in clued: ; System Login Failures ; Resource Access Failures ; System Startups and Shutdowns ; Modifications to Production Applications ; Modifications to System Operational Parameters ; Changes to User Privileges ; Changes to the Logging Function ; Key Financial Transactions Logs contain ins computer or communications system curtailment’s events must be retained according to Corporate Records Retention policy guidance.During t his period, logs must be secured so that they cannot be modified and can be read only by taut horizon persons. Security breaches happen, there is no foolproof way to guarantee with any AC curacy that you will not inevitably become the victim off malicious attack. This places a heavy burden on the system administrators responsible for securing auditing, and reviewing inform nation systems, as well as, the Information Security and Internal Audit teams that must review Information security practices and control implementations.

Early detection Of security vivo lotions is paramount to limiting the exposure of the corporation in mitigating the risk a associated with conducting business in a world of information. This policy provides specific SST unhands and guidelines for conducting information system security audits and reviews bas De on NIST and HAP requirements. HAP requirement 1 1)(ii)(D), aptly states the need to implement pr seduces to regularly review records of information system activity, such as audit logs, AC sees reports, and security incident tracking reports.HAP, 2014) The provided scenario clearly states, that the security breach was [only recently] discovered during a routine audit of the el Getronics health record (ERR) system, despite evidence that the breach may have taken place over the course Of two (2) or more months.

While the discovery Of the breach by the Information on Security and Internal Audit teams might suggest that the existing controls are sufficient, the e time delay between the discovery of the breach and the first known access violation, sue gets that the existing procedures and policies governing the review and audit of information n systems deserves additional attention.

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