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found that people take selfies for reasons different from those the artists
have done either now or the past. They connected the selfies (Arata, 2015), (Briggs 2014), (Graham,
2014), (Keating, 2014) to body image issues, narcissism (Singal, 2015),
mental illness, addiction and suicide. In one case, a man diagnosed with body
dysmorphic disorder, became suicidal due to his addiction to taking selfies
(The Huffington Post, 2014), (Savastio, 2014).


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portraiture is not a simple act of taking a photo of the self, but there is
something deeper on it. In many cases contemporary photographers take self
portraits to express themselves and/ or for therapeutic reasons. This is in
agreement with my own photographic practise.


the past, when I was in the early stage of depression or high levels of anxiety
(but with counselling managed to overcome it before become depressed), I also
used self portraiture as a therapeutic tool, and was taking a series of self-
portraits wearing masks to cover my face and possibly re-discover myself.
Looking back to it, I think it was also partially self- humiliation, with the
worst example when I put myself in a rubbish bag and place me by the rubbish
bin in the kitchen wearing a white mask. However, when I start feeling better I
start taking series of self-portraits with no masks and not so negative
concepts. Now, I am not so often taking self- portraits but when I do so it is
more like a need to picture myself in that stage of my life, a need to express
how I am feeling about that stage of my life.


of the people do not think like me or the photographers/ artists for which
self- portraiture is and was a way to express themselves, their thought and
feelings. For most people, a “selfie” is a capturing of a moment, a
statement of look to what I am doing, where and with whom, or a way of acting
and sharing some fake moments for your “friends” to feel jealous of
you, but not for the sake of art, just for the Ego part of the self. 

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