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Abstract am the newly appointed minister for natural resource management in Pakistan. Throughout the past couple of decades, my country has been experiencing a serious situation in regard to our limiting freshwater supply. This document is my proposed action plan for solving Pakistanis water scarcity crisis.

After reviewing the country’s current water supply, death rate, and other statistics, I am convince that a plan should be set in action. National data reveals that our current attempts to resolve this issue are insufficient in being effective.To solve this issue, my action plan involves a number of objectives dedicated toward both increasing Pakistanis supply of freshwater, and decreasing the demand on its usage.

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Related to the information, the major problem is water pollution, the discharge of effluents and unsafe drinking water . 1. 0 Introduction am Nora Lie who comes from Pakistan.

Am assigned to be the minister for Pakistani environment and I would figure out the water scarcity problem in my country. In Pakistan, the water problem has seriously affected people’s daily lives and economy.Population is the biggest factor of water scarcity. Fresh water only covers about 2. 5-2. 75% in the earth. Water need to be used very day in agriculture and manufacturing.

Without water, people will die. Everyday, there are 630 children die of Diarrhea due to the dirty water. By international standards, Pakistan was already a water-scarce county in 1 992 at microwaveable per capita, according to LACUNA/Ministry of Population Welfare.

Actually, foredoom, the federal government launched a Social Action Plan and they adopted measures to help the country, but there is almost no help.Adversely, this situation has become worse. By 2003, Pakistanis per capita availability of water declined to the extent that it was categorized as a water-stress country. As a civilization in Pakistan, I care about this problem very much and I propose to increase the freshwater supply and reduce the demand of water in farming and irrigation.

2. 0 Methodology My purpose is to help my country overcome the difficulties in water. I am going to carry out my plan by disseminating in a large scale. First, researched some websites that about Pakistani water problem .To confirm the situation, I got into some authoritative websites in Pakistan and some websites from NSF.

Then, sum up the results I got and took down the notes. The number of the death everyday in Pakistan and the amount of fresh water in the Earth an be the example of data collecting , which were both collected from the NSF and collected by me as resources. I collected these data because they are helpful to my research and let me well understand the problem. Only after I knew about the situation in my country, can do something for it. 3. 0 Findings will show 2 water issues ,which include groundwater and the problem of Indus delta.

As an arid country, Pakistan depends heavily on annual glacier melts and monsoon rains, and there might be abundant rainfall during the wet season and then a very long dry season where crop production depends very heavily n irrigation water. Groundwater is a very important source of irrigation for farmers and which is being over-pumped extensively in order to meet current demands for food production (as shown in figure 1) It disrupts the natural hydrological cycle, Causes Rivers and wetlands to dry up, the ground to collapse and fish and wildlife and trees to die.The second issue is the Indus delta which has been reduced to one partially active creek and there is no water flowing downstream of the Kyoto Barrage for almost the entire year. Pakistan is dependent on a single river system and we cannot afford to take any more Hansen with the water/sediment/salt balance Of the Indus Basin. Figure 1 shows Agricultural Water Requirements and Total Water Requirements Figure 1 Pakistan is now a water-scarce country at 1 200 ember capita per year.

Based on current projections, water availability (per capita) will be maybe the year 2020-we have already used up everything that exists in our water cycle and we do not have additional sources of water to immobile. Everyday, there are 630 children die of Diarrhea due to the dirty water. ( specific data shown in Figure 3) Figure 3 shows water availability and population growth: Figure 3 Pakistani government’s current action plan. A) Development of appropriate rainwater harvesting systems for various potential areas; (b) Promoting the use of non-conventional water resources; (c) Development of appropriate and economical artificial recharge techniques in various hydrological and climatologically conditions; (d) Developing appropriate technologies/practices that allow the use of drainage effluents for crop production; (f) Studies to determine the level of pollution, and measures to manage the problems of environmental degradation.Figure 2 the plan of LECHER for Pakistan in 2014: Figure 2 An additional $2 million was provided to the UN World Health Organization (WHO) to support local health facilities and expand communicable disease surveillance (known as the Disease Early Warning System). By working with medical facilities throughout Pakistan, During 2009, WHO-DEWS was successful in preventing major outbreaks of cholera and other communicable diseases among displaced families living in camps. This can be the globalization.

4. Discussion Water pollution, discharge of effluents and unsafe drinking water are factors among others that pose a threat to human wellbeing and Pakistanis ecosystem. While some do not have water to drink, others waste it in vast quantities. Witness the women carrying water on their heads for miles in the scorching heat on one hand, and crops under flood irrigation and the cars of the rich being hosed down in the cities, on the other. According to the current conditions, my plan is to increase the supply of the water and also reduce the demand of water in farming and Irrigation.

In light of my statement, my findings were related to the problems. My plan for reducing the demand of water in farming and irrigation : a) A new technology can be introduced into our country, which allows farmers to ore accurately target irrigation needs and reduce water consumption. B ) Crash programmer for cleaning of water channels including canals/water courses and distributes and better and more efficiently use of funds. C) Regulating ground water pumping by issuance of licenses to check overdraft of aquifer.

) Better water management for increasing cropping intensity and construct a series of small dams on the barren lands e) Strengthening institutional capacity building improving financial sustainability. F) To harness the uncultivated lands for irrigation purpose, storage of flood water ruing Monsoon g) Launching of incentive based public campaign emphasizing conservation of water at all levels. Most of our water use worldwide goes to agriculture, so reducing that amount will be critical as our population grows and climate change makes water supplies less predictable. Pop and believe my plan can benefit our country and solve the water problem as soon as possible.

I am going to disseminate this plan and let more people know what mean. My plan has involved many sectors of government , which could try our best to overcome the difficulties efficiently. On the other hand, I believe my plan can help the ecosystem. When the use of water becomes normalized, there won ;t be many pestilence caused by water problem and some water crisis and everything involved in ecosystem has become normal. 5. 0 Conclusions and recommendations Here, I am going to restate my plan for dealing with the water issues. Pop a new technology can be introduced into our country, which allows farmers to more accurately target irrigation needs and reduce water consumption by an average of 15 percent. This way, we can save much water.

At the same time, we need a better water management for increasing roping intensity with river line area and regulate ground water pumping and strengthen institutional capacity building improving financial sustainability In this way, Constructing a series of small reservoirs on the barren lands and Brain is vital.Also, we should have a Crash programmer for cleaning of water channels including canals courses and distributes and better and more efficiently use of funds because this can reduce and eliminate the viruses or the bacteria in the water. This way, the water will become clean. The government should harness the uncultivated lands for irrigation purpose, storage of flood water during Monsoon and launching of incentive ought to be based public campaign emphasizing conservation of Water at all levels.Sometimes, the power of the government is not overpasses, so we need the government to support and carry out the public campaigns emphasizing the water problem. In order to make this proposal more attractive and appealing, I want to disseminate it by advertising and propose to the premier. I expect almost everyone in our country can live a happy life with enough water like China, at least no one would die of water scarcity.

In this case, we can well develop our entry and improve our economy and environment. Let ;s do this together!

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