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School Shouldn’t Start any later than now. By Alessa KovalyakFor years it has been up for debate: if school should start later or not. Well, I’m not going to deny that teens do need more sleep but that doesn’t mean you have to start school later. It is their jobs to make sure that they get enough sleep that night or any night. If school starts later the dismissal might not match up with parents work schedule. Also, some teens have jobs that would require them to be there before school is dismissed, and they would have to work less hours and make less money. School shouldn’t start any later than it does now because if teens are staying up late now they are going to stay up even later then, and when school starts late it gets dismissed even later.Right now teens aren’t letting themselves get enough rest and school starting later isn’t going to help that from happening. According to Science Nordic’s article “Should Teens’ School Day Start Later?,” the text states “not all teens have trouble in the morning.” Based on research presented from the article, some teens go to sleep at a decent time for the time that they have to wake up in the morning but, most teens don’t do that very well. Most teens like to be on technology most of the time (tablets, phones, computer, etc.) so any teen could stay up longer on any device they want. Also, when teens know they can get up later they go to sleep later, therefore they think they are getting enough sleep but they aren’t getting any more sleep than now. So, there will still be the same problems in the morning. What I’m trying to say is that teens need more sleep, and starting school later won’t help, but there is also another problem with starting school later, that is dismissal.If school did start later school would dismiss teens later. According to Scholastic article “Should School Start Later?,” the text it reads “starting school later means dismissing school later, which leaves fewer daylight hours for after-school activities like sports.” This is saying that kids won’t have time for outdoor sports because they get out of school so late they don’t have enough time to get there. Also, teens could get a plethora of homework and not want to do the sport or extracurricular activity because they have so much homework they won’t have time for an extracurricular activity. Also teens could be stressed because they have a lot on there mind because they could have a test the next day. Even though school would get dismissed late what I’m really trying to say is school shouldn’t start later.School shouldn’t start later.By:  Kara Carr You may be thinking school starting later is a great idea, but it’s really not. Schools around the country have been debating the topic of starting school later and what I mean by that is the

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