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Different literature review was reviewed concerning the influence of the school to the student’s behavior and academic issues.

Through the literature review different study explained about influence of schools, and the role of the teacher, parental involvement, peers, environment, school ethos and motivation seemed to be very important in the students’ performance and behavior. The study combined with survey and longitudinal survey design. Survey design helped me to generalize the findings to the entire population because of its representation.Longitudinal survey helped me to study the samples in the several points in time.

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The target population used consists of the teachers, parents and students of selected schools in Mantra Municipal. This research was guided by the following questions. .

What is the role of schools in the society? . To what extent the content taught in schools attract students? . What is the contribution of parents to students behavior and academic performance in schools? . What to be done to improve the performance and behavior of students in schools?The study also consisted of the probability and non probability sampling procedures.

The sample consisted of the primary school students and secondary school students, their parents and teachers in those schools.

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