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Teachers and administrators are responsible for the environment in which they service the children in. Addressing the issues is a clear way of saying, I will have to face and answer to the community. The community carries many keys to what is expected from a particular school. The school, in which I will describe, is a public middle school in Winston Salem, North Carolina. There are issues within the school that affect the dynamics of the school and add to the contextual issues of the school.

These issues include disrespect, vandalism in the bathrooms and few incidences of bullying. The school is partly in a small but large area.Federal and State ending is given along with the title one funds to assist with title one students.

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The school is not a high poverty school, but a school with high demand students and resources. This school receives special funding from the Women’s Leadership Counsel to assist with the high demand students. In this essay, I will explain the environmental and contextual factors that portray and provide probable solutions to deal with these factors. The first influential environmental factor that affects the school IS disrespect.

Students are consistently being confronted by teachers due to the level of disrespect given.Students are seeing adults as a non authority figure and feel that they can communicate to the adult as they would their friends. If students become angry, then it is almost nothing to be called out of your name or even attempted to be approached, as if they are going to hit you.

Students’ behavior often takes a significant toll on teachers job performance (Alter & Hayden, 2011). It is very important for a school to have a strict disciplinary plan to deal with the different levels Of disrespect. Having a strict plan creates a strict procedure on how to deal with this type of negative behavior.Not only will this assist the administrators and teachers on how to discipline fairly on this matter, but it gives students a clear map of what’s going to happen, if they choose to be disrespectful.

Many schools, including the one in which is described in this essay, have come up with a solution to follow Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (IBIS). IBIS is a systemic way to approach negative behavior in a positive way. It applies evidence based practices and strategies that helps with the increase of student achievements by way of their behavior.This support system seems to have worked well in any schools and given them all data based information to share with other schools and track their own success. Some schools have a reward program to reward those students following a positive behavior pattern. Raven Bucks are given to students in this middle school to provide the students an opportunity to make purchases for school materials based upon the raven dollars they have earned for positive behavior.

The store is supplied by the Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PATS) and other members of the community.While a full solution cannot be offered for disrespect in schools by pupils, one an say that a school that has a strong disciplinary action plan will guide their pupils to adopt more Of a positive behavioral attitude eliminating the disrespect. Secondly, vandalism is a contextual factor that affects my school. Our school is vandalized every week by someone and sometimes it seems to happen twice a week. It is difficult to catch the vandals because it takes place at different times during the day and at different bathrooms or areas without security cameras.Although it is the expectation of our school not to vandalize school property, vandalism still happens. It is the administration ND teachers’ job to attempt to keep the problem from re-occurring.

A possible solution to solve the problem of vandalizing could be a service learning project (Statehouse & Garrett, 2012). A possible reason of prevalent vandalism may be the students’ bored feelings and that his/her potential is not being challenged in the classroom. Possibly, it is the belief that school is not exciting with values.Students may not be able to express one’s anger when they are upset and choose to express their negative emotion through vandalism.

The belief, that one is able to express his or herself when happy, ad or mad in a positive manner, is an important component to keeping school property safe. It is important that teachers provide hands on exciting, interesting activities that stimulate positive behavior. Bullying has become a major issue at this school.

Even with the hard work to prevent school violence, bulling remains a problem (Gendered, Gouger & Williams, 2011).There have been several attempts to correct this issue but the issue grows worse. First, students do not see anything wrong with taunting and disrespecting another student as long as they do not they touch them. Verbal abuse is not recognized. Secondly, students do not believe any harm is performed if they do not taunt at school.

Taunting and disrespecting others on school buses or while on activity trips away from the school is deemed acceptable. Bullying is now taking place on social media sites and continues to make its way back in the school.Bullying can affect anyone who has connected to the internet, instant messaging, Backbone, Namespace, and any social media sites. In the school described, several students have become victims of cyber-bullying. For instance, there was one student who was being bullied by two girls about her hair length and texture. The bullied girl had to cut her hair due to lice, but she wanted everyone to believe that she had to have a brain x-ray.

This explanation did not go over well with her peers. Two young ladies agreed that the young girl was lying.So on a social media website, they sent harassing messages on how they were going to jump and beat her to give her a real brain injury.

This caused the young lady to become petrified and fearful to even enter into the school. Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools employ multiple School Resource Officers (SIR) to assist with the increase bullying and school violence. A solution to the problem is providing students with an inconspicuous way to report any acts of bullying without the fear of retaliation along with training for the staff to proactively spot and recognize some Of the dangers of bullying.Environmental and contextual issues will always be a part of any school’s climate. The effective part of dealing with the issues is how the school deals with the problem so that it will address the needs and make a difference.

Administration has to realize how important stakeholders are. Stakeholders play a valuable role in helping the school to implement what is needed. It is he school’s responsibility to keep all stakeholders informed.

Disrespect, vandalism and bullying are a few ubiquitous problems at the described school.

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