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Schizophrenia The basic point of this study is to find out whether schizophrenics with negative or positive symptoms show emotions differently.

The article explains that schizophrenics of either type rarely show a great deal of emotion at all. Even the people that don?t have the negative symptoms like the people with blunt affect never really show emotions. All schizophrenics lose the capacity to show emotion, positive or negative. In this study they took thirty-six people with schizophrenia and gave them different types of test to find how much emotion was shown.

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There were twenty-five males and eleven females that participated in the study. The test were given in a question type of form and also by letting them watch a people, study, show, find, type, symptoms, negative, emotion, schizophrenics, positive, out, treatment, test, shown, schizophrenia, responses, really, much, great, emotions, don?t, different, differences, whether, watch, types, two, twenty-five, took, thirty-six, tested, syndrome, skit, shows, self-report

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