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In addition to all these activities that human undertake to affect the environment, such as deforestation, soil erosion, construction, pollution, etc. A lot of negligence from the humans is also adding to the overall problem associated with our environment. Issues such as global warming, depletion Of the ozone layer, land degradation, etc. Are all cause of over-negligence of the environment by we humans.

Today, there is greater need to bring our focus jack on our environment and to make every small effort to save it from depleting and getting more polluted.Saving the environment is our prime focus today because by directly saving the environment, we indeed make small efforts in making our own lives healthy and happy and also the lives of our coming generations. There are many factors that contribute in ruining our environment and depleting it on every basis. Building of high-rise building, dams, cutting down of forests, large number of vehicles on the road, and many more activities effect the environment and are making it more and more polluted.All these activities have disturbed the natural balance of our ecosystem and this imbalance falls heavily on us, human beings. The increased number of diseases that surround our bodies on all sides, pollution, and depletion of natural resources are all such aspects that cause a lot of harm to the living beings on this earth. Therefore, it is very important that we all start taking our environment very seriously and do some bit at our end to reduce the dangers that our mother Earth has.

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By making some very simple activities part of our daily life, we can reduce the burden on the environment and help it restore the proper balance in its ecosystem. We all should bring down the consumption of fossil fuels such as petroleum by engaging in more and more pooling in of friends and colleagues traveling in the same direction. Start using the public transport to reduce the heavy number of vehicle on the road. This way we can reduce the pollution level in our respective cities by a large amount, which in turn will eave a positive impact on the environment.

One must also take small efforts in reducing the amount of environmental degradation. Try switching to fuel-efficient vehicles, use cloth bags in place of plastic bags that are highly non-biodegradable and do not get decomposed in the environment. They lead a lot of environment pollution. Following such small activities in our day to day lives we can ensure that we do our bit of keeping the environment healthy and making our mother Earth a better place to live.

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