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SAFETY REGULATIONS: For compliance with respect to Health, Safetyand Environment, the company requires its supplier and contractors to followsafety policies or protocols as outlined by the adopted standards and companyguidelines and pertinent local regulations related to Industrial safety and Laborlaws. Forspecific compliance with statutory requirements, please refer to all applicableFederal and/or Provincial statutes that establish health and safetyrequirements, including the Pakistan FactoriesAct, 1934, The Sindh Factories Act, 2015, Sindh EnvironmentalProtection Act 2014 and/or any applicable Occupational Health and SafetyAct(s), and regulations or codes, enacted thereunder, standards or recognizedindustry guidelines. Reference must also be made to the KLM’s guidelines forSafety and KLM’s guideline for construction and installation work.

Where therequirements of our policies or procedures exceed legislatedrequirements, they will take precedence. The above stated list does nothowever list every regulation applicable and it’s the responsibility of thesupplier to ensure all regulations are adhered to.Forspecific compliance with respect to industrial standards please refer to OHSAS18001:2007 In addition,KMC’s global safety key values and missions should also be practiced in letterand spirit.Thefollowing points are KLM’s summary policy guidelines: ·        Hazards resulting in injuries and propertydamage can be controlled and further reduced.  ·        Safety is a condition of employment. Every contractor,subcontractor, worker, vendor and visitor must comply with the company safetypolicies, rules, procedures and exercise good judgment and common sense in eachassignment.  ·        The safety and health of fellow workers, thecommunity and the environment is the responsibility of every worker andcontractor, subcontractor and vendor. Contractors, subcontractors and vendorswill be evaluated on their safety performance.

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 ·        Line management (contractors, subcontractors,vendors) are responsible and accountable for providing a safe work environment. ·        All persons share aresponsibility as good workers to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and towork safely.  In conclusion, Safety is a common goal for boththe contractor and KLM and”Accidental injury and loss” can be controlledthrough good management in combination with active employee involvement alongwith good communication and coordination between the contractor and client.    PACKING,MARKING AND PRE-ASSEMBLY : The Company requiresthe contractor to follow the following requirement in terms of packing andmarking: 1.     On each case the following mark is required: “KIA LUCKY MOTORSPAKISTAN LIMITED – KARACHI”2.     On each container (exterior) the packing list of the contentsinside in terms of item, description & quantity is required. Same list isto be kept inside the container also.

For each box in the container a list ofcomponents inside is to be kept inside. 

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