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global project
Date:   1-14-2018

Washington University

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Project management

Project management is the process of managing a project in the best
way possible by applying the techniques, tools, skills as well as knowledge.

This assignment provided me with a better insight regarding the issues which a
project manager has to face and how these issue scan be handled. The way a
project is handled has changed rapidly because of diversity and globalization.

Moreover, I learnt about the certification process for becoming a project


The PMI website provides access to the latest information regarding
the world of project management because of its interactive tools which not only
enable the user to obtain information regarding the types of volunteer
opportunities in the leadership institute but it also provides ample of
information regarding the certification process. The website is the most
authentic source for journal articles, seminars, case studies, recent issues
and objectified podcasts as well as online courses for project managers all
over the world.

The sites related to project management which were reviewed for
this assignment include “PM Hut”, “Guerrilla Project Management” and “WHIZLABS
BLOG”. PM Hut is an extraordinary resource for project managers who are
perceptive and keen. The site features numerous blogs as well as articles
regarding phases of a project and the issues which project managers have to
face in a changing global world. The site Guerrilla Project Management contains
articles by Samad Aidane who provides various techniques for aspiring project
managers on how they can succeed in project management without adhering to the
orthodox theories present in the books. The third website that I visited
regarding project management was WHIZLABS BLOG provides an in depth as well as
comprehensive view about the impact of enterprise technologies in global
project management (Lima, 2016).


The article selected for this assignment dictates results of a
recent study related to global project management. The study is regarding
“Cultural Issue and its Influence in the Management of Global Project Teams” (Lima, 2016). The study centers
on the context that the interaction between team members as well as project
managers is considerably affected by leadership style, culture, complexity of
tasks as well as the environment of the organization. The results of the study
indicated that cultural issues in global projects can affect the management
negatively as well as positively which is why project managers face management
challenges. The study further provides ways to deal with these challenges and
indicates the steps which a project manager should opt for in order to minimize
the potential problems which can arise because of cultural issues in global
project management.

Key issues when
working on global projects

The key issues which I was able to identify when reading the
articles on global project management include ineffective preparation as well
as planning in project phases, bureaucratic and procedural delays in international
as well as national approval for the activation of the project, inappropriate
design of the project, underestimation of the resources for the project, bad
siting, mediocre capital facilities, lack of problem solving and supervision.

Another issue in global project management is related to cultural differences
among the members of the project team (Lima, 2016). Project managers
should be aware of the cultural backgrounds of their team members when it comes
to global projects. Moreover it is also necessary to have same software
platform which aids in collaborative communication between all the team
managers because ineffective communication in global projects is also a major
issue. If a team is scattered due to geographical differences in a global
project, then communication gap is bound to happen which is why a software
platform is necessary (Sudakow, 2016).















Lima, N. (2016). Cultural Issue and
its Influence in the Management of Global Project . FUTURE STUDIES RESEARCH

Sudakow, J. (2016, Decembe 21). Is project
management jargon keeping us from truly communicating? Retrieved January
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