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Rohingya BY nys103 The Rohingya, is a group of moslem people live in Arakan, one of the province of Burma, a late name of Myanmar. Ever since the World War II, this group of people have experienced an unfair situation across their human rights. Thousands of Rohingya and still counted more are massacred, expelled from the land of Burma and called as ‘a group of unwanted people’.

Started around 1942, when Burma was still a colony under British colonial rule, the Japanese forces invaded Burma. The ritish force then retreated and there was a power vacuum in the land.During this period, several communal violences errupted. Buddhist Rakhine and Moslem Rohingya attacked each another, underwent religious and ethnic conflict.

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This conflict caused a displacement between both groups, Buddhist Rakhine moved to the southern area, while Moslem Rohingya stayed in north. Alongside with this displacement and severe violences issues ruled by the Japanese forces, the Rohingya crossed Burma’s borderline until Bengal, Bangladesh and many of them stayed there s refugees. This situation has led British forces to take an action, drove the Japanese out of the land.Prior to their invasion, to seek support for their forces in Burma, the British promised the Rohingya to create a Muslim National Area, an independent area for the Moslem Rohingya. However, this promise had never been delivered by the British Government. Until in 1947, Moslem Rohingya formed an army and approached newly-formed Pakistan government to incorporate nothern Arakan as a part of East Pakistan. This movement has shaped Burmese government attitude towards the Rohingya until nowadays.

The government thought that this action threatened Burma’s territorial intergrity moreover as a newly-born country and consequently, distrust the Rohingya, led to several discrimination to the group. Burmese government denied Rohingya official status of citizenship. They were either labeled as ‘illegal immigrant’ or ‘resident foreigners’, limiting their basic rights such as freedom of movement, access to proper education, property confiscation and ubjected them into another violations and abusive actions, even massacred.Since many of them were expelled and stays as refugees because of their status, started from 2005, United Nations High Comissioner for Refugees led a steps to repatriate the Rohingya back to Burma and finally got the permission in 2011 after the new Burmese government agreed.

This action has given a new hope for the Rohingya minority to finally get back their basic human rights and start a better life.

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