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Changes in national and global competition, coupled with the mass application of new technologies, are reforming production. Consumers are tough quality, and manufacturers are being forced to provide it. Companies that wish to remain competitive and sustain their market share are spinning to such progressive technologies as computer-aided industrial robots. This article deliberates the benefits, impact and clarification of the industrial robot and provides managers in manufacturing firms with a immediate of its potential applications.

Keywords: robots, manufacturing firms, advanced technologies.

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A robot is a machine particularly one programmable by a computer fit for completing a mind boggling arrangement of activities naturally. 1 A significant number of us are considering how a robot capacities, what sorts of advances are utilized in a robot and why we require a robot in our life. Robotics is the piece of advancement that deals with the structure, improvement, action, and utilization of robots, and PC systems for their control, material info, and information preparing. These progressions oversee computerized machines that can supplant individuals in perilous circumstances or assembling procedures, or take after individuals in appearance, lead, and in addition insight. A critical number of the present robots are charged basically adding to the field of bio-energized robotics. 2
Robots can’t achieve indistinguishable abnormal state from people since they are modified to do certain undertakings as indicated by specific elements which are totally customized by individuals; however they have no potential outcomes to change plan like people or plan new things except if the software engineer programs them to change the arrangement. As a result of high improvement of machines, sensors, actuator, computerized hardware and microprocessor innovation it ended up conceivable to make a robot which is self-sufficient 3.The spread of robots overall demonstrates the high pertinence of this innovation in manufacturing. The presentation rate of cutting edge robots in manufacturing is still considerably higher than that of administration robots in different branches. In any case, the normal pattern is towards a huge increment in these business sectors. Most mechanical robots (IR) are presented in the car business, which is the area with the most noteworthy thickness of robots around the world.4
1.1Robot applications in our lives:
Utilization of the robots in industrial generation forms, after quite a long time is increased. The steady development of the robot application is connected for its practical support. There are bounty purposes behind it as administrator’s security in awful working conditions and situations or administrator’s assurance by hard works, efficient, higher quality, higher productivities, and cost saving and so on. Industrial robots are connected in all parts of the industries. Their utilization is as yet the biggest in the manufacturing of engine vehicles industry however other industry branches record increase of industrial robot execution. Information innovation improvement affects changes in robotics that prompt the new useful arrangements and the robot abilities. In this paper is displayed industrial robot application examination in serving CNC machine tools. Examination includes information about operational supply of industrial robots in European Association nations and similar investigation with other industrial branches. Expansive quantities of industrial robot application in metal item industry are existed today. Their application are spurred by specialized and monetary reasons, some of them are:
• Increase the quality of finished products (machining, etc.),
• Reduce the waste (in assembly processes),
• Increase degree of uniformity of quality (in all processes related to repeatability of robot)
• Increase degree of operating safety (in aggressive, flammable, explosive and other dangers areas, with high degree of robot protection),
• Reduce the request for operators in routine and repeatable processes,
• Reduce of manufacturing costs and maintaining in total,
• Fulfillment of demands imposed by concurrence and increasingly quality standard demands. Other than technical preferences, achieved by robot application, it ought to be indicated judiciousness of robot installation in solid plants molded by production volume and working characters which robot or robots needs to perform. For instance, production volume increment cause plunge of robots cost, respect in metal product industry interests in robot are quick result.

Welding: Considered as a hazardous undertaking for a human due to toxic gases outflows. The welding work is very troublesome for a man who is required to weld two funnels from various sides and points and to sit in a troublesome position for quite a while. It tends to be no picnic for ones physic and can cause medical issues for the laborer. The trouble for a human is to see every one of the sides of welded devices when he needs to weld around a pipe as he can just observe one side of the pipe.

Painting: has similar problem to welding due to the use of toxic chemical products. Below is an example picture 2.2 of a factory robot painting a car as it moves slowly along a conveyer.Assembly operation: When we assemble a chip we need to be very precise because of very fine wires which require very precise and accurate tasks which a human cannot handle but, on the other hand, is easy for a robot.

Consistent quality: at high standards can be achieved by a robot. A robot can easily be re- programmed many times to reach the highest possible quality which a human cannot often achieve.
Safety: is especially important when a robot handles chemicals, bio chemicals, toxic and nuclear products. They can be handled very safely and smoothly, saving humans from carrying out high risk, stress inducing work.

Robots can carefully handle fragile and tiny parts : such as glass, small chips and wires.
Inspection and maintenance tasks in dangerous areas: for example handling explosives, exploring the deep sea, space and other planets. One example is the shipwrecked Titanic. A robot was used to discover the ships content as it lay so deep under the ocean it was beyond human reach.

Space missions: to gather samples from other planets and to analyze them from remote distances.
Health care: hospitals, patient-care, surgery , research, etc.

Laboratories: science, engineering , etc.

Law enforcement: surveillance, patrol, etc.

Military: demining, surveillance, attack, etc.

Mining, excavation, and exploration
Transportation: air, ground, rail, space, etc.

Utilities: gas, water, and electric
Production in metal item industry suggests machining procedure of metal to definite item, or semi item. In metal item industry, mechanical robots have application as a pertinent piece of an advanced production lines which are planed with high level of mechanization and adaptable trademark, where is hard to separate and investigations robot and its productivity out of adaptable production lines.5 In joining of as of now introduced production plants, where robots considerably increment Viability of plant, guaranteeing its effectiveness. This lessens or defers demands for new or higher speculations, as appeared in specific circumstances, that establishment of robot is more cost effectiveness at that point providing new machines. Utilization of mechanical frameworks in metal item industry, regardless of whether it is add up to mechanization of frameworks or high robotized production line, supposed fix robotization or conceivable adaptable assembling cell, can be broke down through:• Material transport and machine serving support.

• Processing
• Assembly and
• Control quality of product
Operations that are used for support machines in metal product industry can be classified:
• moving work pieces from conveyors and positioning in machine for processing,
• removing work pieces after processing from machine and leaving to prepared area,
• Change and layout tools etc. 5
In the Mechanical Age that mankind has entered long time back with steam arrangement has caused to crude motorization underway. With the improvement of web and portable innovations, gadgets, Nano innovation, progresses in prescription, wellbeing and advanced applications et cetera accelerate mechatronics considers these days. Last World Financial Gathering holds a critical place on the motivation of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and the market analysts like Robinin, Stiglitz additionally entered in the talk of robotics and artificial in intelligence impacts on financial matters and business.

The effect of these emerging innovations on the workforce and the arrangement of medical advantages, benefits, and social protection. In the event that society needs less laborers because of automation and robotics, and numerous social advantages are conveyed through occupations, how are individuals outside the workforce for an extensive timeframe going to get human services and annuities? There are significant inquiries for open strategy dependent on emerging advances, the changing idea of the workforce, and the differential effect on different demographic groups. We have to reconfigure the social contract and make sense of how to convey social advantages in the new economy that is unfurling. 7
Humans and technology go hand in hand. The discovery of fire, for example, has affected the history of mankind dramatically. Not only has it allowed humans to exercise more control over their living environment, it also functioned as a catalyst in the development of humanity. Inventions such as the eyeglass and the printing press had an enormous impact. The development of vaccines and antibiotics allowed humans to reduce mortality rates significantly from the late 18th century onwards. Fossil fuel use, electricity, the internet, the computer and many other robotics have improved efficiency and productivity in the past centuries. Further inventions must thus be considered when thinking about the future. Technology offers considerable advantages, but it also has the capacity to have a negative impact. Population growth would cause crises that will force us to develop technologies that harm our environment.

Current methodologies linked to all day occupations will be inadequate if business designs change and society needs less laborers to perform essential errands. We already have seen the effect of robotization on industrial occupations and are beginning to see its effect spread to desk employments. As PCs turned out to be more sophisticated, inventive, and versatile, more employments will be affected by technology and more positions made out of date. In this circumstance, there must be courses for individuals to get medicinal services, benefits, disability, and wage supplements outside of all day work. Offering a fundamental wage, patching up the earned pay assess credit, providing action represents lifetime education and retraining, expanding corporate benefit sharing, and providing advantage credits for commendable volunteerism speak to approaches to do this. Advanced economies need to determine approaches to avoid a perpetual underclass with limited money related prospects or work conceivable outcomes. There is developing relevance of artificial intelligence in numerous industries.
This and other automated instruments are no longer at the bleeding edge of new technology. Or maybe, robots, artificial intelligence, computerized calculations, versatile sensors, 3-D printing, and unmanned vehicles are here and changing human life. Individuals can decry these developments and stress over their “dehumanizing sway,” yet we need to determine how emerging advancements are influencing work and open approach.

The idea of a framework in which mechanical robots were connected to picking work, medium payload taking care of work, get together work, and so forth by joining IHI’s well deserved advancements, for example, propelled detecting innovation, control innovation, and mechanics innovation with modern robots, and has additionally presented the innovative work of such a framework. It is getting to be conceivable to apply mechanical robots to undertakings that can’t without much of a stretch be robotized and therefore depend vigorously on human specialists. Also, robots work extended periods and handle substantial articles without getting worn out or committing errors, prompting enhanced quality.

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