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Describe how the directors come up the movie. The directors come up the movie how the Spaniards treat Filipinos during the time we’re colonized by them, the director showed us how hard the situation of the Filipinos, our ancestors that time, and the life of our national hero Dry. Jose Racial, it showed the sacrifices of many people for our beloved country inspire the fact that Spaniards are really powerful, and how did the Filipino fight for our beloved country. 2. Describe the actor who portrayed Racial. Mr……

Cesar Montana is the one who portrayed as Dry. Jose P. Racial. He acts like he’s the true Dry. Jose P. Racial, from his physical being to attitude, He portrayed it well. 3. How was Racial portrayed in general? Racial was portrayed as a genius and patriotic. He is so studious, open-minded person. He showed how he really cares to the Filipino. 4. Serious historical error that you observed. For me the historical error on the movie was the love life of Racial, and why they only focus on the Europe country even though Racial did travel a lot of countries. . Strength of the film. I think the strength of the movie is the acting of the characters or the cast was natural. The way the Spanish language was delivered was outstanding. And one of the good things I saw in the movie was that it did not only show Racal’s strong or positive points but his weakness and personal struggles also. 6. Weakness of the film. I think the weakness of the movie is they didn’t show clearly the Racal’s biography. 7. Reaction.

The movie was good enough it gives a lot of knowledge and it made me realize that the life of Jose Racial was not easy. The writers, cinematographer, editors and director surely were efficiently prepared in making the movie, as evidence by the transitions made on every scene, from real event to flashbacks, Racal’s writing Noel Me Tanager ND El Filibusterer’s and how they related to his life until the execution at Bogyman. Though I haven’t read the whole book, I could already understand what happened way back then.

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And it only shows that no man is perfect as was our national hero. B. Glee some lesson AT ten movie. The positive moral, there is always a silent way of fighting for what you know is right because war cannot make our country free from problems. And the negative moral, what is the use of our freedom of speech if we will always fight Just by writing, besides people nowadays are not anymore totally engaged in reading. Sansei, Julie Anne M. BEAST 2-1

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