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Rock Street, San Francisco

Street and Church Street in Torso’s Garden District that has since been converted into a Labials Supermarket. This location, being the largest supermarket, attracts over thousands of customers on a daily basis. Because this particular Labials is located in an area which is home to ‘higher class’ individuals, it results in customers who are willing to pay for items that are more high-end.

The bakery section at the Maple Leaf Gardens accommodates the needs of all individuals.For instance, customers who are looking for something more roomer can choose from a variety of gourmet cakes, fruitcakes and cheesecakes that are retailed slightly higher than the rest of the cakes. Customers looking to buy something that isn’t too expensive, such as a birthday cake for a child or to satisfy a small craving, can select from a wide variety of cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and pastries that are retailed at a much lower price. Lobar,/s takes great measures in order to market themselves to the public.Besides distributing weekly flyers, the company has its own website and uses social media, such as Faceable, in order to reach a larger market. The website allows viewers to view weekly flyers, get great recipes and check what items are in store at any location they choose. The Lobar Faceable page provides viewers with pictures of items at the store, latest offers, and upcoming sales.

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Promotions include price matching and having special days during the month where most items at stores are tax free’. Lowbrow’s price matches with its competitors which include No Frills.

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