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Shrub growth is virtually absent in the boom, while trees only grow along the streams and rivers. The annual rainfall these grasslands receive ranges between 10-30 inches – which is apt as more than it is likely turn these grasslands into forestland, and less is likely to turn them into deserts. Grasslands, in fact, acts as a transition zone between the desert and the forest. They are known by different names in different regions.

” (Pudenda, 201 3) Since the grasslands have such a steady flow of rainfall it is ideal for vegetation. When there is plenty of growing vegetation, it can make way for a rage primary consumer population.The large number of consumers tend to be food for the other levels of consumers. All of the above of course are nutrients for decomposer. All of these parts working together make for a great cycle of life with in the ecosystem. It seems like precipitation does not really have an effect on temperature. You can have a place dry and hot like the desert or wet and hot like the rainforest’s to even an ecosystem like the tundra which is both cold and dry. It does seem however to have an effect on plant and animal life which is great or the ecosystems ability to sustain life.

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Forests, 201 2) In the graph you see that generally the population of the predator follows the suite of the population of the prey. When the amount of prey increases in the first year you see the predators start to gain population. Then in the following years Of survey your see a decrease in prey that greatly affect the predators.

There are very few points in the graph that the population of predators are greater than the prey, and when they are the predator population drops dramatically. It also seems that once this happens the prey population takes quite some time to regain their numbers..The introspecting graph could be showing behavioral data that may show when the mother cats ability to protect and teach her offspring improves with its age. The success of the older mothers offspring could be directly related to the mothers knowledge base on survival skills and ability to feed and teach her offspring. Think about the given data, at 12-24 months the mother herself could have only been in the given ecosystem for 1-2 years.

The cat could not know that much about the environment herself let alone teach it to her offspring.It would be hard to learn about the environment while having to take care of offspring. The aged mother would already have that know and it would be that much easier to take care of the offspring and the offspring could at least see some of the skill and learn themselves. This type of competition would greatly affect the cats ability to reproduce.

An example might be that if the cat does not survive then it cannot reproduce. Although, if a cat is not fed they will not even be able to survive child birth and thus teach her offspring anything.

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