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Research shows thatchronic stress may cause some people to drink too much alcohol which canincrease your blood pressure and may damage the artery walls. That willeventually lead to heart disease. Acute stress involving emotional pressure,anger, extreme excitement, negative emotions, and sudden bursts of activity canprecipitate sudden clinical events such as a heart attack, angina or death. Stress is animportant culprit in the development of coronary heart disease and may interactwith genetically based weakness to increase likelihood. There are components ofstress; depression, anxiety & panic disorder, social isolation & lackof quality social support, acute & chronic life events, psychosocial workcharacteristics as well as hostility. On the other hand, there are many typesto coronary events, such as coronary heart disease (CHD). It is a general termthat refers to illness caused by atherosclerosis, the narrowing of the coronaryarteries, the vessels that supply the heart with blood.

It is when thesearteries become closed, the flow of oxygen and nourishment to the heart ispartially or completely obstructed. Temporary shortages of oxygen andnourishment frequently cause pain, called angina pectoris, that radiates acrossthe chest and arm. When severe deprivation occurs, a heart attack can result. Whenstress is constant, the body remains in high gear off and on for days or weeksat a time.

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In many instances, we create our own stress that contributes to coronarydisease by smoking and other faulty lifestyles or because of dangerous traitslike excess anger, hostility, aggressiveness, time urgency, inappropriatecompetitiveness and preoccupation with work. These will eventually increase theblood pressure. When there is a high in blood pressure and cholesterol, theinner layer of a coronary artery begins to damage. This damage causes fattyplaque deposits to build up at the site of damage. These deposits consist ofcholesterol and other cellular waste products. The accumulation is calledatherosclerosis. If pieces break off, plateletswill clump in the area, attempting to repair the blood vessel. This clump canblock the artery, reducing or blocking blood flow, and leading to a heartattack or disease.

Tandra is right insaying that constant stress can trigger acute coronary events. Stress willeventually lead to high blood pressure. It could be because chronic stress exposes yourbody to unhealthy, persistently elevated levels of stress hormones, suchas adrenaline andcortisol. Tandra could tell Maria the impact of constant stress, negativeemotions and emotional pressures to her health. If she were to meet the doctor,if she were toexperience heart disease, aspirin is commonly prescribed for people recoveringfrom or at risk for heart attacks. It helps prevent blood clots by blocking oneof the enzymes that cause platelets to aggregate, and that she will get betterafter a while. Stress management is also important.

Patients are urged to avoidstressful situations at work and at home. In conclusion, itis essential for people to seek the doctor early if they were to experienceconstant stress, depression or anxiety cause that will eventually lead to heartdiseases, to avoid accumulation of cholesterol and other cellular wasteproducts in the arteries. 

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