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Statement            This research project is a case study
designed the aid to improve public knowledge about underage drinking which
contributes to the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of teenagers ages 17-18 in
Mt.Moriah Christian Academy.   Research Aims                 
The aim of this research is to encourage
students to look at their drinking history and think about their choices and
decisions to decrease the negative consequences of alcohol consumption. Research
To find out the Knowledge, Attitude and
Practices of the young people in relation to alcohol use·        
To examine the effects of alcohol to the
To detail the problems on why they take alcohol·        
To advocate awareness and raise consciousness
in being involve on alcoholic drinks·        
To enhance the youth’s knowledge about the risk
of being involve in alcoholic drinks  Research
Methodology     Case study will be use in this research
because it excels at bringing us to an understanding of a complex issue or
object and can extend experience or add strength to what is already know in the
research also Case study is a results relate directly to the common readers,
everyday experiences and facilitate an understanding of complex real-life
situations.  According to its design, we
the researchers will use the descriptive method in conducting the study.
Descriptive method aims to describe the nature of situation as it exists at the
time of the study and to explore the causes of particular phenomena. Population
of the study    The target population for this research are
30 students from Grades 11 and 12. It will be divided equally.15 each for the
grade levels ;8 females and 7 males to be exact.As the
researchers gets the sample size it come up to 35 respondents using the
Slovin’s formula.  Data
Collection            The evaluative-descriptive survey
was used it availed of questionnaires on knowledge, attitudes and practices
related to alcoholism.          The questionnaires will be
administered directly to the chose people for the study. Thirty copy
questionnaires will be given out and be returned.          The researchers will be using the
Slovin’s formula it is
used to calculate an appropriate sample size from a population.  The Slovin’s Formula is given as follows: n = N/(1+Ne2), where n is the sample size, N
is the population size and e is the margin of error to be decided by the
researcher. Background of the Study   Alcohol
consumption is widespread among preteens and teens. Due to the reason that
alcohol may harm the adolescent brain, individuals who start drinking before
the age of 15 are five times more likely to have alcohol-related problems later
in life. In the United States, people in the age 12 – 20 drink almost 20% of
alcohol consumed, although drinking by persons under the age of 21 is illegal
in all states. Each year, approximately 5 000 young people under the age of 21
die as a result of underage drinking There are several effects that resulted
from the consumption of alcohol among youth. For the underage students who
drink alcohol, it can be seen that it is commonly resulted in the low
educational achievement and high absenteeism rate.    People who drink
alcohol during adolescents may develop problems related to normal development. It
is not necessary for people to drink because it can cause damage to their
mental and physical health. During this stage of life the brain and mind are
going through an important stage of development and alcohol can interfere with
that. Besides, drinking alcohol may lead people perform badly in school or
college this may have a negative impact on their future opportunities in life.
Furthermore, it can encourage youths to engage in vandalism or other criminal acts.
It can mean that young people become sexually active. Those individuals who
drink at a young age are more likely to try other drugs. This means that such
individuals could be on a path to the hell of lifelong drug addiction. Therefore,
this research is conducted in order to study the contributing factors and the
effects of alcoholism among youth.   Rationale
of the Research     Alcohol use is the leading cause of death
and disability for young people between the ages of 15-24 years (Gore et al
2011). Alcohol can alter the young
developing brain, potentially affecting both brain structure and function. This
may cause cognitive or learning problems and/or make the brain more prone to
alcohol dependence. This is especially a risk when people start drinking at a
young age and drink heavily (US Surgeon General Report 2007). Exposure
to alcohol marketing decreases the age that adolescents start to drink and
increases the amount that adolescents who already drink consume.     The
research is being undertaken in order to provide a critical assessment of
teenager involvement in alcoholic drinks at the age of 17-18 years old in Mt.Moriah
Christian Academy. The research will provide insight into the effect of the alcoholic
drinks on teenager.      A
copy of the completed thesis will be placed in Mt.Moriah Christian Academy and
will be available to other researcher . The hope for the researches is that it
will make a valid contribution to knowledge in other people and especially on
the teenager that are affected by alcoholic drinks.


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