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Your submitted assignment should begin with the Title Page and only contain your report. Don’t forget to place your name, your professor’s name, and the date on the Title Page. Week 5 lab Report Ben Matthews Diver University ENTWINE: Wireless Technologies and Services Observing the Wireless Spectrum Submitted to: Professor: Mario Ossifies Date: 11/30/14 Guidelines: It’s always best to introduce a paper to the reader. It sets the tone and provides an overview of what will be covered and what the goals are. What is the intent of the lab? What issues are addressed?

Why is it important? What are the goals? The intent of this lab is familiarize yourself with a spectrum analyzer, how it functions, and how it can benefit you in setting up and troubleshooting wireless communications. In the world of IT, technology is moving towards wireless ammunitions more and more every day. It will be ever more critical for us IT professionals to know wireless communications and what can affect it. Specific questions from lab Guidelines: Answer each of the following questions using the sequence and data from the lab instructions.

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Answer all questions in full college-level sentences and paragraphs. 1 . Capture 1: Are any channels being used that overlap other channels? Reading the analyzer, I would take an educated guess and say that channels 4 and 8 are overlapping with channel 6 2. Capture 1: If you had to install a new wireless LANA, what channel would you SE? Would use channel 11 because it looks like, to me, there is very little congestion. Even though there are other channels to use such as Channel 1, I still feel like the congestion is less on Channel 11. 3.

Capture 2: What channels are being used? It looks like channels 1,2, 10, and 11 have the most usage going on. 4. Capture 2: What channel is being used the most? Channel 11 is being used the most. 5. Capture 3: What type of signal is being shown? A Hyper RIFF reader signal is being shown in Capture 3. 6. Capture 3: What frequency, not channel, is being used? The frequency that is being used is 2450 Mesh. 7. Capture 4: What type of signal is being shown and how strong in db’s is it? 802. 11 gang n are very similar, but my answer would be the 802. 1 g signal is being shown. The db strength would be right around -65 db. Conclusion Guidelines Minimum of two paragraphs that describe the following: What you accomplished in the lab, what you learned from performing it, how it relates to this week’s Twos and course material, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career. This spectrum analyzer lab helped me tremendously in identifying what channels are the most congested and what channels to use hat would most benefit my wireless communications.

I also learned how to identify what pieces of equipment use what frequencies and the general db strength each piece of equipment can attain when used. The TCO for this week was that we were given a situation requiring a wireless network solution, and then propose an appropriate design for a wireless network using radio frequency based methods. This lab went hand in hand with the TCO and reading materials because spectrum analyzers can help us identify an appropriate design for wireless network.

This will greatly benefit me in my academic career, going reward, because there are other network classes that I will be utilizing wireless communications and will need to know how to successfully put in place wireless communications. Finally, this will also benefit my professional career because work in the IT field and utilize wireless communications on a daily basis. This lab helps me understand why some places, at my place of work, are less affected by wireless access than others. It will then help me formulate a plan to fix those particular issues. References Include all references used to complete this lab. This must be in PAP format.

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