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Religions can have a great social impact in some societies. Either positively or negatively. I really believe that religions have a beneficial impact on our society. In the messy world, we have today, I believe that religion is the only thing that prevents us from becoming animals. I believe that religion carves society and is the basis of society. Organized religious practices, such as traditions, help the well-being of individuals, families, and society. Having people in a society that believes in something can help people see the light and see the way out of a difficult situation, as well as help them live a positive life that promotes kindness in a society. The Faith and Adoration of the Orthodox Church are in the Holy Tradition, which is the Source of the Orthodox Faith. Tradition is extremely important for Orthodox Christianity. it is understood that it is not simply something created by humans but inspired by God. Tradition is the fullness of the divine truth proclaimed in the Scriptures, preserved by the Fathers and expressed in the life of the Church in various ways. Religious traditions, like the sacred tradition, can help unite a society by reinforcing a sense of unity in its people. Traditions are very important to create cohesion both in the Orthodox faith and in society. In our society, for example, it is held together in part by shared experiences such as Fourth of July or Independence Day, it is part of the tradition of our society. Gather people together to celebrate something special for our country. Religious traditions can play a similar role in our society. For example, in our society, most of us celebrate Christmas, which is a religious holiday, as a society we share a common heritage. This helps us unite as a people. The tradition of orthodox Christianity can be beneficial in many ways for a society. One way in which a society can benefit from the religion Organize, like the Orthodox Christian, is that religion helps the poor individuals of society. By helping the poor in a society, you can change the rules of the game for the overall economic development of any society. Organized religions fight against poverty and human suffering by having several faith-based charities that greatly improve the quality of life of people living in poverty. The religious organization offers people food, shelter, clothing, and essential items to survive without asking for anything in return. In a research paper by Arthur Brooks of Syracuse University. The research carried out shows the relationship between religion and philanthropy. He showed that religious practice is correlated with a higher rate of care and concern for others. Compared to non-religious people, religious people were 15 percent more likely to report that they had tender and loving feelings for the poor. This clearly shows that religions encourage people to help others in need and, in doing so, help society.  The social impact of any organized religion in any society is strongly affected by whether it is supported by the majority of the population or by a minority. A widely organized religion not only directly impacts more people, but it can also have a substantial impact on the values ??of government and society. I think that if a society practices more holiness, veneration, alms, we, as a society, would be better. If a society were more holy, I believe that people would not be drinking or using drugs because it is against their holy belief and faith. If society were more venerated, there would be more respect and mutual love and it would be a more peaceful society, the crime rate would decrease and life would be more pleasant (remember the teachings of Jesus about loving our neighbor). If alms were practiced more widely in our culture, then I think there would be no poverty or human suffering in our society. More people in our society would donate to a good cause. According to a recent study by Alex Daniels, people who attended church weekly, 90% of them donate to charities, while almost 70% are volunteers for charitable causes.  I believe that the church offers many benefits both mentally and physically to an individual and those surrounded by that individual. My personal experience with religion has helped me overcome my depression and has brought me closer to God, which, consequently, has to help me to be a happier individual. According to Rodney Stark, a sociology professor found in his recent book, “America’s Blessings,” a study has been carried out that he says that weekly church attendance can significantly improve her lifestyle. It leads to a healthier immune system, lower blood pressure and even the addition of up to seven years to your life. People involved in religion not only benefit from better health, since they do not drink or smoke drugs as often as other people, but they are also less depressed than those who do not attend church weekly. I believe that my personal spirituality can help those around me by trying to guide them in the light of God. Trying to push them to do the right thing and not to what the devil wants. I think we can change a person’s life every day without even knowing it. God is powerful, and with that power on your side, you can help change the world in a positive way. I think being simply kind to someone can change the life of a person who has been fighting depression, and just being nice could save someone life, you never know.

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