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Q on enrionmental scan: 1. what are you expeciting form this sessionms amd the natural history of disease: Whay things do not go on order – changes of normal function caused by disease or other relevant issue (abnormal syndrome) 2. what is one thinkg you would like to learn about about this toipic and how we can prevent that 3. what is pathology 9or pathofiziology) – pathofiz ima quantifiable measures in scientific way 4. is patofiz. Relevant to pH, why and why not.

Obesity appears to be a growing trend , to understand obesity, its pathophysiology is improtnat and treatment can folow. pathophysiology emphasizes quantifiable measurements 5. what is health – not merely absence of disease or the whole emotional, bodily, mental, social well being 6. what is disease (disorder) – not health 7. what is the impact of humans on the planet? Goal: Placing patopfiz with the context of public helath Objectives: questions for exam.

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Secondary prevention is: prevcent another episode to happen from someone who already had a haeart attack, a primary prevention if NOT to get heart attack Q: why we do not put money in prevention, but in disease amnagment? Od sliki: Mechanism of diseases Hypertensive heart against normal (porvo zadebeluavnje e ok, (adaptaion goes wrong) ama posle ne cini, se umira od attack) Apoptosis is a good thing for the body, but necrosis is ot good (lots of cella are dying at same time) Cervix cancer – neoplasia-new growth of cell 9cancer lectures to follow) It is not under control of human body.

Tissue healing-fibrosis and scar formation Replacement of normal tissue with scar tissue is scar formation (samo ne u stomak na primer) Genetic factors in disease -anencephaly -spina bifida Imunologicalm factors in disease -angioedema – bee sting (kid had an genetic predispositians – ova bilo immunological bad reaction) Environemnatl (fizikal ) factors in disease -pneumoconiosis 9occu. health) Influence of age -alchimer -global loss of neurons Movie-away from her.

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