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Rejection Rejection Rejection is the hardest thing that a person has to handle in relationships. Rejection is when one person disregards another person?s affection towards them. After the first exposure to rejection a person is very cautious on whom or what they let get close to their heart.

The heart is the most sensitive part of a person?s body. It obtains a physical and an emotional purpose. Its physical purpose is to help the rest of the body function properly. The emotional purpose is that it protects how people treat and react to each other. If a person?s heart is in pain because of rejection it is hard to determine how a person is going to react.

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An individual?s reaction to rejection is always different because it depends on the person and how well they handle pain. There are some that rebound, which means after ending one relationship they automatically go into another relationship. Rebounding causes speculation from people outside of the old relationship; the person was in the relationship. The outsider thinks that the person was in the other relationship before he/she left the last relationship. The ex-partner thinks or notices that the person who proclaims that they loved them person, relationship, rejection, people, level, person?s, one, love, hurt, because, try, take, rejected, pain, ophelia, life, hamlet, depression, way, think, should, really, purpose, loved, heart, happy, handle, go, away, about, while, weakest, weak, very, truly, thinks

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