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A sexual image is a US that triggers a OUR of interest or arousal. Before the advertisement pairs a product with a sexual image, the product is an INS.

Over time the product can become a CSS that triggers the CRY of interest or arousal. 7. Thorniness law of effect was the basis for Skinner’s work on operant conditioning and behavior control. 8.

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One way to change behavior is to reward natural behaviors in small steps, as they get closer and closer to a desired behavior. This process is called Shaping. 9. Your dog is barking so loudly that its making your ears ring.

You clap your ands, the dog Stops barking, your ears Stop ringing, and you think to yourself, “I’ll have to do that when he barks again. ” The end of the barking was for you a A. Positive reinforce. B. Negative reinforce.

C. Positive punishment d. Negative punishment. 10. How could your psychology instructor use negative reinforcement to encourage your attentive behavior during class? Your instructor could reinforce your attentive behavior by taking away something you dislike.

For example, your instructor could offer to shorten the length of an assigned paper or replace lecture time with an in-class activity.In both cases, the instructor would remove something aversive in order to negatively reinforce your focused attention. 1 1 . Reinforcing a desired response only some of the times it occurs is called partial reinforcement. 12. A restaurant is running a special deal.

After you buy four meals at full price, your fifth meal will be free. This is an example off Of reinforcement. A. Fixed-ratio b. Variable-ratio c. Fixed-interval d. Variable-interval schedule 13.

The partial reinforcement schedule that reinforces a response after unpredictable time periods is a variable-interval schedule. 14.A medieval proverb notes that “a burnt child dreads the fire. ” In operant conditioning, the burning would be an example of a A.

Primary reinforce. C. Punisher. D.

Positive reinforce. 15. Which research showed that conditioning can occur even when the unconditioned stimulus (US) does not immediately follow the neutral stimulus (INS)? A. The Little Albert experiment b. Pavlov’s experiments with dogs c. Watson behaviorism studies d.

Garcia and Killings taste-aversion studies 16. Taste-aversion research has shown that some animals develop aversions to certain tastes but not to sights or sounds.

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