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Reginald TrimbleMr. BarteltAP English Language and Composition12/13/17Corrective Western Culture The world is ending drastically. From natural disasters through human ignorance, to mass killings due to the stress of the ordinary human, it doesn’t matter when we die because when the world ends, we’ll end with it. But it turns out that we aren’t destroying the world. We are actually destroying the western hemisphere…through religion. Religion decides what we believe in, controls who we worship, and determines how we live our lives day by day. For example, Christianity is one of the most common preferred faiths. However, although we choose our religion it does not mean that it is the best one, or the most helpful for our living. Knowing this, we can infer that religion plays a big part in the destruction of the western hemisphere. But our tradition of selecting a religion is based off western culture. We must see the world in a different way, a different religion, a different culture; the eastern hemisphere. Based off the writings of Lao-tzu, Taoism is a famous philosophy is worshipped in eastern culture. Although both western and eastern culture both have respected faiths in this world, Taoism philosophy can be seen as a lead example for western culture because of its appropriate fitting for humans on this Earth. Originated in China, this philosophy of harmony and balance isn’t worshipping an actual God, unlike most beliefs which give their God a name and treat their God as an actual being. Instead, Taoists believe in embracing to the way of life, respecting the relationship with nature, and make their goals become their habits. Taoism, the way of life, can be broadened to say that this religion is concerned with the perspective of ecological feelings. As stated on the article titled, The Nature and Balance of Taoism Philosophy, “The early Taoists started studying the flow of life currents in nature and began cultivating a comprehension of how the transfer of energy is reflected in human beings”(Anna Gala para. 9). In this teaching, human beings are lucky to be in the instinctive world around them, which means people must comprehend the accurate rules of nature to understand themselves. Tao has a belief which is called “wu wei”. The definition of “wu wei” in English is to do nothing. This suggests that the Tao doesn’t have the purpose to make effects happen, even though we always act and react to piles of events. Alternatively, Tao plainy lets things happen without hesitation. In a book titled, The Way of Nature as a Healing Power, it says “Among other things, it brings forth the insight that all things in the universe exist in polarity (or duality), with the two opposites in a polarity complementing each other and making the existence of each other possible”(Prof. Chen Yu-Hsi para. 3). The concept of Yin and Yang is that the world is usually represented in another route by likening them to the negative and positive posts inside a current stream. Each is particular and unmistakable in themselves, however both are a fundamental piece of a similar current. The current couldn’t in any way form, shape or exist without the bipolarity of its Yin and Yang components. Because there is one world, there is one way, but going this way can lead to different paths. While western culture pushes to figure out and detect the truth, Taoism obtains the truth that is handed to us and strives more for the travel towards everlasting substances that are past the realities that surround us. Somebody who comprehends this point won’t abuse nature, yet will treat it well and gain from it. Clearly over the long haul, the inordinate utilization of nature will achieve debacle, even the annihilation of humankind. As in western culture, there is no future because it was already determined by God no matter what you do. But through Taoism your future is set on what you do today. The key to success and to your goals should be intangible, from within, not from what you materialistically have. Intangible goals create improvement that is a never ending journey, while materials give the sense of finishing the goal. On the off chance that the quest for advancement runs counter to the agreement and adjust of nature, regardless of whether it is of awesome quick intrigue and benefit, individuals ought to control themselves from it. Unquenchable human want will prompt the over-abuse of normal assets. To be excessively fruitful is, making it impossible to be on the way to crush.

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