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Augustine The Necessity of Refraining Showbiz Personalities from Entering Politics As of this year, the number of showbiz personalities who try to enter politics are increasing. It’s normal for us to see big and popular names in elections. Can we really allow this to continue? Perhaps the person may be popular and respected by many people but can they really take care of this country? There are some showbiz personalities that became politicians who spent their terms making the Philippines a better place.

There are plenty of showbiz personalities that became politicians but haven’t done anything at all. In some cases, they get involved in crimes and an example for that is plunder. Don’t try to deny that fact, we are all aware that what I previously said was true. Politicians are leaders that lead us. The future of this country does not only depend on how well we cooperate, but also with how well they do their Jobs. A team with a great leader can bring plenty of good results. Leaders, such as politicians, not only supervise us but also guide us towards a better future. What happens if we vote for unqualified leaders?

There are some showbiz icons that entered politics without proper knowledge nor experience. We say that we want the Philippines to become a better country but can that really happen if we vote for the wrong people. If a good leader can bring his/her team good results, then a bad leader will only do the opposite. We all want a good leader that will guide us to a better future so why do we vote for the unqualified ones? From my viewpoint, elections are only popularity contests that cannot be won by the unpopular no matter how qualified they are. This isn’t a speech about my desires, it merely contains our needs as a country.

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Obviously, you can’t deny what you Just heard. Do you ever wonder why some showbiz icons enter politics? Their answer is usually to help this country progress but is that really true? The monthly salary of a senator is POP,425. With their popularity, they can easily win the elections. The salary isn’t the only meaner of getting money from being a politician. If you look at the Pork Barrel Scam, politicians, including showbiz personalities, stole plenty of money from the government. An anonymous person from the internet once said that “Put those politicians on minimum wage and you will see the difference”.

One of the possible outcomes of that idea is that less showbiz icons will try to enter politics for the money since their Jobs earn more than minimum wage. With that said, we will have loyal politicians in our government. This country needs more loyal politicians. We can’t improve if there are traitors and corrupted politicians sitting in the government. It’s not only the traitors and corrupted politicians that block our way to improving, but also ten actor-politician Tanat don’t AAA anything

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