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Reforms of Eden Gapping Eden Gapping thought improving relations with the foreign countries were important. This idea was outlined in his program of reform termed Gauge Gaffing (Reforms and Openness). He wanted China to become to a modern country.

Allowed peasants to sell crops from their own private plots at local markets if they have enough crops for the government Allowed people to start private businesses, to hire workers, or making profits Let foreign investors established factories, and using heap Chinese labor to produce products Since 1978, Eden Shaping’s policy increased the growth of Chinese economy and led it to be a major world economic power. Observation: How can the peasants afford a washing machine and television? Why do they look so miserable? Why did they travel all the way to Beijing?

Evidence: -Eden Gapping started reforms in the countryside by allowing farmers to produce the government required amount of crops and also sell crops privately, improving individual economic statuses. -He accepted capitalist enterprise, which led to the formation of small, private businesses, which, ultimately, improved the economy. – Agricultural production increased which meant that there was more food for the people. -Industrial production also increased, ushering China into the modern world to compete along other advanced competitors. He allowed China to become more internationally connected by exporting goods and improving the economy and foreign relations. He opened Special Economic Zones to allow foreign businesses to build in China, also strengthening foreign ties and the economy. Work Cited: Elliott, Michael.

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