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In this chapter, titled, “Prevention, Early Intervention, Treatment Framework, and Other Environmental Considerations,” topics discussed include prevention and treatment of problematic behaviors that run the risk of turning the adolescent in question into an at-risk individual. A history of prevention programs is brought to light, as well as something called the Risk Continuum. As it states, the continuum introduced in the first chapter is included at the top, or outer rim, of the diagram, containing the scale from minimal risk going all the way to imminent risk and in risks.Following this is the Approach Continuum, regarding strategies for intervention and treatment of both universally accommodating groups and specific groups of adolescents, such as ethnic groups.

Finally, in the very inner circle there is the Prevention-Treatment Continuum, detailing specific treatment methods, such as certain educational programs targeted at demographic factors (social class, economic conditions, family, community, and school stresses) and environmental factors (personalities, attitudes, behaviors, and biological dispositions).This portion of the heaper does a respectable Job of bringing the unacquainted up to speed with current methods of referencing at-risk factors and prevention methods as well as treatment methods. Deeper in the chapter, bullying and cyber-bullying are raised to observation.

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This is a hot topic in the United States and has been for a number of years.Bullying has always been prevalent but it’s the induction of cyber-bullying in recent years, what with the booming economy of the internet, that has aroused much more investigation into Just what causes so many adolescents to fall prey to physical and emotional reassessment. At the heart of the issue, bullies are products of their environment as well as certain biological dispositions they may have passed onto them, which takes a great deal of time and effort to treat and even more so in prevention.It is the belief of the majority that the main reason that bullies exist to begin with lies in their homesteads, caused by the parental figures and their influence in their child’s life.

This makes much sense due to the fact that it is the parental figures’ Jobs to raise their children as effectively and fully as possible. They should pay close attention to the behaviors of their child, making sure that there are no irregular habits or mannerisms developing and if they are it is seen to it that they are brought to light in a treatment center of some sort and are worked on methodically.Unfortunately, due to the ever-fluctuating economy, usually for the worse for a large portion of the population, it is difficult for some to find the treatment they may need, and that is only if the parental figures notice the behaviors in the first place. This can explain any instances of intense bullying within lower income communities and school systems. Nowadays, cyber-bullying is of great concern, especially within the school activity online before it’s left to their child’s own decision making within instant messaging programs.This is a common belief among parent’s, especially computer- illiterate ones, but it is not the one true fact of life.

There is always something more parental figures can do to monitor their child’s activity on their computer, especially if they have a single computer in the household that is shared among all of the family embers. It is more difficult to spend increasing amounts of time performing this monitoring, especially when the parent’s are working for most of their days and come home to other responsibilities.However, the tried-and-true method of ensuring your child is never cyber-bullied is to block certain websites that allow open access to chat with anyone you may know in real life, and if there are instances of racy chat messages being exchanged between the child and their friends or acquaintances, the parental figures should bring them to light and discuss, in a manner that the hill would understand, how their behavior could attract unwarranted exchanges from other children.Other than that, the argument returns to whether or not the parental figures are doing an adequate enough Job of raising their child with proper morals and virtues, while also not having the parental figures rely on the school system to instill those values for them. Towards the end of the chapter, psychological education topics are discussed and this is a very important matter to address.

Not entirely due to biological factors, hillier are Just as prone to suffer from increased aggression, depression, and anxiety as any adult.Fortunately this has been realized in the recent past and there are now more and more centers for treatment of these factors, as well as programs within school systems that work towards the same effect. It is of no small consequence that bullying is related to aggressive behaviors or anxious temperaments. In this day and age, we have the ability to pinpoint these manners and put a strong effort towards snubbing them before they reach critical levels, and that is an advance worth making note of.

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