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The campaign serves as a littoral to promote environmental ownership to the general public as well as to showcase and recognize the environmental sustainability efforts by the various organizations in the People, Public and the Private (UP) sector. The Clean and Green campaign has evolved from a week-long to a year-long campaign that is positioned as a concerted national endeavourer, to inspire Gingersnaps to adopt an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, since its inception in 1990. 4. Strategy Singapore is divided into 5 Community Development Council (CDC) districts namely Central, North East, North West, South East and South West.

Following the CSS 2012 Launch event, the other 4 districts will hold their community-level events for their residents throughout Singapore between November 2011 and January 2012. District CSS events are usually graced by the respective district Mayors and Members of Parliament, which highlights the importance and significance of these community environmental events. These events also attract huge turnout and support from the community. Recycling Week is another CSS event organized with the community in mind.

With initiatives such as the Recyclables Exchange Programmer, where residents exchange heir recyclable items for vouchers or groceries, it is no surprise that it garners huge interest and support from community groups. In fact, the scale of Recycling Week has grown significantly over the years such that, in addition to the main launch event, satellite Recycling Day events are held at the district levels on different days, so more residents can controlled Ana particulate. 5. Audience This event primarily targeted the community staying in the western district of Singapore.

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The event is aimed to be a family affair and have activities such as cash and prize giveaways to entice all age groups to participate in this event. Moreover, there is free health screening for the elderly. The event also educates the community that the following items can be recycled: E-waste (computers, printers, mobile phones, cartridges & small home appliances)* Paper, metal cans, plastic containers, glass bottles, old clothing Tetra Pas beverage cartons Exchange 5 glass containers for reusable chopsticks Bring unwanted pens for refill and donation 6.

Tactics 6. 1) Communication Strategies A good communication strategy must be a two-way communication, where message are being narrated and questions have been asked. To determine the effectiveness of the communication strategy, public survey can be conducted after the message has been sent to ascertain the level of understanding of the target audience. Such findings are essential to enable us to fine tune future campaign’s communication strategy. Messages should be in available in the 4 common languages of English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

They should be written in simple form for easy understanding by the public which will consist of audience from all walks of life; from students to housewives, laborers to office works, educated and non-education young and old. To educate the public the correct way of the Recycling, simple demonstration of “how’ and “what” can be recycled and some hands-on participation by the audience should be employed. Upping the communication strategy a few notches, we should organized recycling related activities and games which will cater to the 3 types of learners – audio, visual and kinesthesia.

Colorful pictures and graphics posters of the whole recycling process and our dying Mother Earth should be strategically placed in the event place to capture their attention on the importance of Recycling. Excursion to waste-to-energy and sorting plants are organized to help the audiences to have a better understand and to have a hands-on experience. Our campaign can include consequences if we remain status-quo I. E. Not recycling 6. ) Reaching out to the audience There are various ways in reaching out to the public, highlighting the importance of adopting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Media Channel Planning out a TV reality show Going to various analogousness, Inviting ten residents to particulate In creative recycling games competing among neighborhood, e. G. Asking use of the recycling items to create a certain artifacts or decoration based on a theme given to the particular district. Winners from the district will be receiving prices sponsored by the sponsors and partners of this event.

This TV reality will also include various household that have been selected as being environmentally friendly to show and educate the public on what have they succeed in being environmentally friendly. Every week, a single neighborhood will be filmed. Every month a particular district will be competing among its own neighborhood to deliver winners of the district, hat will win gifts and prizes as well as to be able to participate in the final month competition among districts. This whole program shall last for 6 months. To promote this event different media channels will be used to reach out to various age groups.

Making use of print advertisements, such as newspaper ads, newsletters, posters and banners that will be viewed by the public of the neighborhood to highlight and note them of the activities that is going on, as well as to engage them to volunteer to participate in this event. Most importantly, it needs to be reach to all ages. The use of media is also necessary in giving the public a brief view that there will be such event going on among the district, to highlight them of this event before the broadcast on television. An example will be teasers or preview of the show.

News release from press is also needed to help in “sounding out” to public as well. Social networking is also essential, as many youngsters, current generation are all interacted through networks connection. Websites can be updated to note people of the event, Backbone as a form of free publicity to the online users of the spinsterhood, various blobs and social networking forum to notify this event out. To reach out to audience even on the streets, public transport can be also one of the medium to advertise, such as sticking advertisements in train or station panels.

Making use of audio medium, such as radio to also reach out to audience of radio listeners as well. 7. Calendar/ Timetable Recycling Week ass’s main event will take place on 9 September at Journo East Bus Interchange, aftermath, fringe activities include environment themed storytelling sessions and recycled craft workshops will be conducted at National Library Board ranches on 16 and 23 September, follows by recycling e-waste on 15 and 16 September. The public can also check out exquisite creative craft work made from recycled materials at the exhibition which will be held from 20 – 25 October at Keeper Hall, Keeper Club.

With similar objectives as Recycling Week, NEE also facilitates community events such as CEO Day Out [email protected] South West will take place early next year (For more details, you may to rater to Annex A 8. Budget This event will eventually be accomplished through fund provided by the Government, sponsorship by organizations and volunteer efforts. Government will set aside S$million for NEE to promote and administer waste minimization and recycling initiatives and programmer. NEE will seek sponsorship from companies such as Sombrero, Struck, etc….

For labor support, NEE will recruit volunteers from various organizations such as grassroots organization, etc… However, this fund will break down to various sectors such as advertising costs, labor, office overheads, materials and out-of-pocket expenses. (Refer to Annex B for breakdown). 9. Measurement An evaluation will be carried out to assess and evaluate the awareness level of the public regarding recycling and to determine if our communication strategies are effective in making an impact.

The process of evaluation is divided into two steps. They are basically pre-campaign evaluation and post campaign evaluation phase. During Pre-Campaign Evaluation phase; before the start of the campaign, surveys will be conducted to obtain an initial gauge of their awareness level. For the post- campaign phase, surveys will be conducted to assess whether there is any significant increase in the awareness level of the public regarding recycling issues and changing the behavior of them.

Survey like Focus group that develops qualitative information will be used as a tool to obtain the publics opinion, beliefs and attitudes towards our campaign. Additionally, attendance at public events and number of brochures distributed can be taken into account as well. 10. Conclusion By using the appropriate strategy and tactics, the public had an increase in public awareness level and participation. Therefore it shows that our communications strategies were effective in penetrating our publics and managed to change their behaviors and actions pertaining to recycling.

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