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Water pollution in South Africa is caused by various industries, including the inning industries as well as the arbitration of people moving to cities in sea arch of jobs or a better life.

Because South Africa is rich in natural resources, mining and resettling industries do pose a threat to the pollution of underground water r. Heavy metals such as zinc, lead and cadmium, is spilled into rivers and, in the end, Ian ads in the underground water system. Oils and petrol also pose a threat. Many gas stats ones store their petrol tanks underground.A crack or a leak can cause these chemicals t o end up n the underground water streams. Paper mills use a lot of water and have a to of wastewater in return. This water contains chemicals such as chlorine.

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When it comes to agricultural activities, untreated feces of animals can be washed into rivers. While you might think that this natural product cannot really cause hard m, large amounts can pollute the water. Sewerage systems sometimes leak into rivers or, with pipes bursting, into the underground water system.This is also a pollutant that can cause illnesses. Phosphates, also found in soaps, can cause water pollution if sewerage is not effectively treated.

Phosphates causes water plants to grow faster. As these w eater plants grow faster, the water becomes overcrowded and the plants suffocate each other. The decomposing algae then use more oxygen and fish and other watt re life is suffocated. This can be seen in dams. Polluted water can be life threatening. T here are still rural communities in South Africa that share a water point.Sewerage is al so a big problem. Many still use a longer – basically a hole in the ground – and hum an waste is then allowed to leak into the underground water system.

We can help with the pollution crisis in many ways. Think having a water filter Zion system would help a lot. If there was a way to make the waters clean by filter nag all the trash, then it would be livable. Also, if we made better, more modern, living sit cautions then they would be able to keep it clean.

If they had a better trash system the n the waste wouldn’t go everywhere.

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