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Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organization Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required When applying for a specific Job role. Assess the importance of employability, and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organization s Umea Declaration: I nave read ten college ‘Policy on Plagiarism, accenting Ana Forms of Academic Misconduct’ and I certify that all materials submitted for this assessment are my own work. Signed: Date: Assessor’s Signature: Date Cross Marker’s Signature: Lead Internal Verifier’s Signature: (if appropriate)Tutor Feedback on Assessment Pass Merit Distinction 7 8 9 BEET LEVEL 3 subsidiary Diploma Business 0002 101 E Unit 2: Business Resources Select an organization that you are familiar with or an organization you can access information on relating to recruitment procedures and skills that the organization values.

To complete the assignment: 1 . Describe the recruitment documentation (or documents) that would be used for a specific Job role in your selected organization. Explain the purpose of these documents. Research Ana collect sample Joy ascription(s), person speculations, advertisements and application forms.

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(Pl) 2.Considering the person specification document, describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required for the role identified. (UP) 3. Assess the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in your chosen organization. (MM) (When completing the assignment you should comment on any relevant legislation that should be considered) Writing framework Introduction, what are you planning to do and which company you are basing your work upon.

2. List each document used in the recruitment process of your chosen organization, use documents you find as evidence (include in appendix) .Explain the purpose of each document, ensuring you relate your description to the organization you are investigating 4. Identify at least five skills required for a specific Job role within your chosen organization, referring back to evidence in documentation if possible 5.

Describe the meaning of each skill and why it is of importance to the specific Job role you have identified 6. Conclusion, give you opinion on the importance of each skill, including when each may be more or less useful in the business context and also how it effects employability. You must like the theory to your specific organization and Job role!

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