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The solution was evaporated, and the product was a white, chalky substance. Water was added to it, and tested for conductivity. Discussion The purpose of this lab was to determine vita happens and how to detect when an acid and a base neutralize. The equation for this lab was HCI + Noah H2O + Nasal. As acids and bases have the same strength, they created a double displacement reaction.

When the phenolphthalein was added to the solution and the color turned pink, you knew that the base had reacted (Acids and gases).When the hydrochloric acid was added, naturalization occurred, and the acid turned the phenolphthalein colorless. After 44 drops, the solution was neutralized, as the acids and bases were equal in amount (7 on the pH scale, meaning the solution was water and salt).

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When the solution was put on the evaporator, the water evaporated, leaving the salt. Then distilled water was added to the sodium chloride and tested for conductivity, The solution did conduct electricity.Sodium chloride (Nasal) is an ionic compound, therefore holds ions that conduct electricity, In this experiment, different groups used different droppers, so the amount dropped into the dish could have been different, therefore each group had a different quantity of drops used. Some groups had an unusually small number, which is contusing, as groups can misinterpret this and believe that they did the lab wrong _ A way to make this lab ore clear would be to do it together as a class, so everyone ends up with the same observations and has a better understanding of the lab.Conclusion It is important to understand the pH scale, as it is all around LIST in our world. In nature, and in our manmade products, such as dangerous liquids that we might use around the house everyday, like cleaning products.

If you understand pH levels. You understand what products to stay away from, as well as receive an understanding of our environment and what it requires to sustain its needs. This lab showed us how to detect a naturalization on the pH scale, and what happens when this occurs.

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