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The term dose equivalent limits in radiation was previously caused maximum permissible dose (Graham,2003) In radiation protection this refers to limits that people can be exposed to without any un toward effects. The problem with setting these levels is that every person is exposed to natural radiation in the form of cosmic rays .

It is difficult to define ones annual exposure and artificial ways such as x-rays in radiology are a very small portion. However to make it safer for those working in these environments certain limits are set but these are very low to prevent even the smallest chance of any effect from the radiation.Accordingly the dose limits were set at such levels that the risks wouldn’t exceed that of accidental death of a worker working in any other field of work. (University of California, 2008) There are different effects caused by radiation and different exposure levels required for these effects.

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Also effects can occur after many years and some in generations later. With large doses of radiation certain effects are seen but the frequency of these effects is still low and unpredictable. (Khan, 2003) This again has the problem as to what level of radiation causes the effect.Also if a person is exposed to higher levels then the dose equivalent levels is doesn’t mean that they will be some serious outcome only that the risk of getting for example cancer may be higher . (Health and Human services,2008) A certain limit has been set without making t too low where it would be useless(Nisa,1998) Bibliography Nias, A. (1998) an introduction to radiobiology. http://books. google.

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