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Question 1: Software as a Service is a tool that runs through the Internet that delivers users with admissionto cloud –based software. There are no installation submissions on the organizationslocal devices.

Instead, the users access a remote cloud network through the webor an API. Data are stored and analyzed through the software.  Software as a service helpsto break the holdup of purchasing decision as previously, a substantial upfrontinvestment need to be made in order to get new software. This leads to a moretime – consuming process. With bigger companies, the purchase can be hold formonths. SaaS offers lower startup costs, lower monthly cost and conveys lessrisk as companies transfer to new solution. Most SaaS offering includes: ·     Remote access: It can be accessthrough Internet login, which allows users to work anytime, and anywhere.·     Ongoing maintenance: theupdates and patched are generally done by admin instead of users.

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(AppDirect,2017) Platform as a Service is a cloud based offering that allows users to develop, manage anddeliver their applications. Furthermore, users are able to test their ownapplications by using a set of prebuild tools. Through the PaaS model, applications and services are build througha cloud – based background. PaaS has better flexibility as well as less timeand money consuming to develop.  Aframework will be held so that inventors can develop and customize applicationsfaster. Most PaaS offering includes:·     The capability to change, testand organize applications.·     Applications are secured,maintained and hosted.·     The ability to scale software.

(AppDirect, 2017) Question 2:  Question 3:·     Security and privacy: Securing data is among the biggest concernsin cloud computing. As cloud computing signifies an advanced computing model,there is a major doubt of how data at all levels can be protected (e.g host,application, network, …) The fact that valued business data have to be putoutside of the organization’s security system creates a big concern to thecompany as well as the clients. Numerous clients will be affected by the attackof just one site. Organizations nowadays have to face several requirements inorder to secure the information of each individual, and it is not certain thatwhether these requirements will help protecting these information or whetherthe organization will violate the regulations as of these new model. (VoorsluysW, Broberg J, Buyya R, 2011)In 2014, the once Internet giant – Yahoo had been the victim of thebiggest data breach in the history where 3-billion user account had been affected:real name, email address, date of birth, telephone numbers had been conceded. (Armerding,2017) ·     Cyber attack:Another big concern about cloud computing iswhere application and website hosted on the cloud will be attacked by hackers.This occurs when a vulnerable part of an application or website is detected andhackers will change the normal execution.

A malicious program will be used toinject the malware into the cloud. This will lead the hackers to do whateverthey want (e.g: data steals, eavesdropping, … )One of the most famous forms of cyber attack is SQL. The idea ofthis attack is to change the structure of the cloud. The cyber hackers use asequence of indecorous code in order to get in charge of the cloud (usually thetarget is servers or databases). Also hackers will inject numerous of code toavoid the login stage and gain access to databases and take control of thewhole systems. (Tejinder, S. M.

& Sanjay, J., 2015) ·     Insider attack:Information breach from inside is as dangerous as cyber attack. Theshared access creates high chances of other people accessing to other peopleinformation.

The most famous case of insider attack was create by Vodafonewhere 2 millions customer records were invaded. Everything that store in thecloud will be for anyone to obtain, including private information, data,rational property if an employees gain access to others cloud. Therefor, securitylevel of cloud environment is in critical warning owing to insider attack ascloud admin can be posed by other people or mole to gain access to all data andsteal information.

(Stack Tunnel, 2017)

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