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Ques1. What are the
roles and functions of direct sales associates in GE countryside?

The Company GE
Countrywide operates in 62 locations within the country and deals with the
Indian consumers in helping them to fulfil their aspiration for quick and easy
loans. They have various loan schemes like car loan, home equity loan and personal
loan with different term period. Sales

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 Roles of the Direct Sales Associates:

Responsible for
document analysis of new customers after collecting their application form.

To making
consumers financially satisfied by providing easy and quick loans for their

Evaluation of
loan eligibility on the basis of norms fixed by company.

To increase the
sales of the company

Functions of Direct
Sales Associates:

To promote the
GE Countrywide by conducting the event as a part of marketing strategy like as
road shows, loan plans announcements, pamphlet distribution, loan meals etc.

Collection of
the customers’ primary data to keep it as a record.

There is also a
policy prevalent in banks and loans providing organizations is KYC (Know Your
Customer) for accurate information.

details about different loan schemes and new offers to attract customers.

Meeting sales
target of company.


Ques 2: Analyze the
diagram and explain various stages of sales management in GE countryside.

GE Countrywide has a
smooth functioning sales management team and have different positions or check posts.
It follows PULL and PUSH strategies for marketing loan products. The company
has following stages in sales management team:

Contact details:
Initially the company provides its contact details to the customers that is the
toll free number which enables them to call without any charges to be applied.

stage: Collection of data from the customers through various means or promoting
the loan plans is the primary motive of this stage. Secondary is filling the
application. In this stage the schemes like events and sponsorship, loan melas,
newspaper advertising and road shows are used to persuade customers.

analysis stage: This is above application stage where collected data is being
scanned and verification is done for further procedure.

analysis stage: When the application is forwarded the stage comes where the
company applies the eligibility criteria for the applicants. These jobs are perform
by the telemarketing executive, direct sales associates or marketing

analysis stage: Company analyze the potential customers which stay long with
the company and have enough potential to pay back loan. Existing customer’s credibility
is also recheck in this stage and all these functions are performed by Relationship

Deviation analysis
stage: Knowing the customers deviation from the organizational norms.

Risk analysis
stage: Branch manager analysis the risk involve in the loans provided to the

Final approval: The
last stage is to approve the customer detail and granting him/her the loan.


Ques. 3: Why should a
firm like GE Countrywide maintain a customer data base? In what way is it
helpful in the company?

Ans. 3: It has to carry
number of document regarding the complete information of the customer. This
type of company operates in huge data traffic and have several responsibility
too. They keep a track record of customer’s personal details as well as their
loan collateral. Following are the reasons that why the company need to
maintain the data base:

To count the
number of applicants as well as customers involve in the company.

To retain the
old customers information which might come back in future for loan.

To manage the
details of the existing customers in order to serve them with attractive

To operate the
managerial functions of the company

To find the
authentication of the customer

Old data bank help to cross – sell new products to the existing customers.

Abiding the legal terms.

To analyze their growth in terms of selling amount and customers.

The maintenance of the
data base helps the organization to grow in terms of customer base and
financially too. With the help of an updated data base an organization can
perform several task that can be performed only with an authenticated
information. The company like GE Countrywide which majorly deals in financial
sector it need to maintain the records so that any verification or to avoid any
sort of dispute that may occur within the company. So in order to run the
business smoothly not only in present stage but also in future it has to
maintain the data base of the company

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