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PurposeNowadays the entry threshold of the cleaning industry is low, business is easier, and the classification of cleaning jobs is not clear, which causes the whole cleaning industry to be mixed up. The quality of employees is generally not high. The whole industry feels low and irregular.As a famous cleaning company, it is very important for every company to survive in the presence of competitors.

So we are now doing a study of a company’s advice on how to gain an advantage with its competitors.Our purpose is to study in the cleaning industry in the market, how to become the company’s outstanding problems and occupy the market share, often because of excellent in service industries of the company can occupy a larger market share, better resources and more professional service, so we choose Crewcare as our research object.As a comprehensive cleaning company, it is relatively advanced from technology to practitioners.

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It also includes its promotion and the application of high technology such as Internet technology.We also found that there are a lot of small local cleaning company in New Zealand, they are the most service groups are fixed and the backward technology, there are few special professional service personnel, is basically a small cleaning team composed of several small groups, but sometimes family cleaning work want to reduce costs, small clean team. They don’t need advanced clean, just want a simple cleaning work, with the increase of New Zealand residents, the housing increased, with the family as a unit of clean environment, greatly increased the growth of small cleaning team.Market analysis is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market. A complete market analysis is a cornerstone of a successful marketing and advertising campaign.

?maxwell.p, (April 2017) The Importance of a Market Analysis have to use qualitative and quantitative methods for market analysis to obtain more complete data to determine how these problems should be improved.Finally, the idea is to find out how to expand the share of the company in the market from the perspective of the market.

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