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Puerto Rico – 5 Travel Attractions in the Caribbean CountryA tropical best destination in the Caribbean region is Puerto Rico. It has all in it then some others, including beautiful beaches with palm-line, warm and calm waters that are lapping over the golden sand, famous break and huge waves. These all draw the attention to all beach seekers. It’s eligible for families or couples or the surfers of the hard-core types.Famous & Best 5 Travel Destinations in the Caribbean Country Puerto RicoPuerto Rico is the home of forest system of the US. Its rainforest, nighttime wonders, the Bioluminescent Bay is the top attraction for the lovers of the nature.

Here are some more charms are waiting for you. So let’s have a look on Famous and the Best 5 Travel Attractions in the Caribbean Country, Puerto Rico:1. City of San JuanSan Juan is the festive city with the perfect destination to have the true experience of the culture of Puerto Rica. You can add some more by visiting its vibrant neighborhood the Old San Juan (El Viejo San Juan). This city is consisted with most of colonial building of the Spanish. It’s a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site.

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There is a chilling dip at Luquillo, Carolina Beach and then the memorable visit to the plant of Bacardi rum.2. El Yunque National ForestYou must visit the National Forest of El Yunque to have some experiences of lush beauties of the Puerto Rica Island. This National Park is up to the Luquillo Mountains, which has included Pico El Yunque and El Yunque forest. These two forests are the only rainforest of the National Forest System of U.

S. The National Forest of El Yunque is the most attractive and famous, destination of Puerto Rica. It could be visited from San Juan on a tour. The highlighted spots in El Yunque are as La Coca Falls, Bano Grande, Yokahu Tower, La Mina Falls and Bano de Oro.3. Isla de ViequesIsla de Vieques is known as the Bay of Glowing Mosquito and it’s the bizarre beauty of the island.

You should be thankful to the bioluminescent microorganism that has made the water cool and blue. It looks like a lagoon of fantastic sci-fi. You can snorkel and swim in the adorable pristine and undeveloped beaches. The Ceiba tree can make you surprised, because they are keeping on the highland for more than 3 centuries.4.

Whale Watching and Surfing at RinconRincon is called often “Little Malibu” and “Pueblo del Surfing” (that means “Surfing Town”) as well as the “Gringo Paradise.” The main language of Rincon is English. The foreign surfers and expats have made it their surfing home. In these beautiful beaches the waves become very big this appropriate for swimming, surfing and whale watching tour is.5. CarolinaCarolina is the central point of sugar production of Puerto Rica.

It’s the fourth biggest city of the country. The most famous spots are Carolina Beach, Isla Verde Mall, the art gallery of Casa Escuta and Caribbean Raceway Park. So, these are the top most 5 Travel Attractions in the Caribbean Country, Puerto Rico. There are many places and spots to visit in the country and it’s easy to travel from U.S to Puerto Rico.

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