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The “sexual revolution” in the sass is an example of a Normative history graded event can help prevent, or delay the onset several chronic conditions Regular moderate exercise Which of the following statements about ethnic differences in specific age life expectancy is true? At birth, ethnic individuals have a longer life expectancy than European Americans According to Instate, Lord, Hennessey, Mitchell, Mill and Sanded (2005), “We investigated whether improving visual function with cataract surgery would also improve neurophysiology performance among healthy older adults” (p.

2). “Participants passing the screening stage were randomized to either an intervention or control arm. Randomization was conducted by drawing lots” (p. 634). This study used a(n) research design Experimental Which of the following statements is true of the population over the age of 65? The fastest growing segment of the entire U. S. Population is the over-85 group.

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A very commonly used design in adult development and aging research is the extreme age design (“young” v. “old”). Which of the following is a limitation of this type of study? The measures may not mean the same thing across age groups and may not be laid For a number of reasons, including changes in the immune system, older adults have a greater risk of contracting than other age groups. 5% of new cases occur among older adults Lymphoma Researchers have found that this form of exercise can reduce an older adult’s chance of falling and improve balance ATA Chi The most common chronic physical condition with advancing age is Osteoarthritis Plasticity meaner that you can teach an old dog new tricks True Screening for cancer is less important with each year of life since older people can’t put up with aggressive treatment False activities tend to live longer.True Research findings have shown an association between bilateral activation in older adults and performance in a number of effort tasks, including memory tasks. Higher; working The majority of evidence suggests that age-related change in regions of the brain correlates with executive dysfunction and memory decline Hippopotamus The effective functioning of the deprogramming system in normal aging. Declines approach compares the brain functioning of healthy older adults with adults displaying various pathological disorders in the brain.Neurophysiology Poor performance on executive functioning tasks has also been linked with volume of the frontal cortex Decreased The hypothesis of Postulates et al.

(2007) study was Older adults who exercise more often are less likely to fall and have better balance The research design of the Postulates et al. (2007) study was Experimental The developmental design that most simply allows us to examine how individuals change and develop over time Longitudinal A developmental research design in which one cohort is tested many times Cross sectional

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