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Every child in this world has a memorable moment that they do not forget. This memorable moment stays with us all the time. Even when we are an old person we still think about it, and we see it clearly on what happened and how it happens. As for me there is a day that I would not forget, and every time I try to think of my childhood events. I remember this day vividly when my sister beat me up very badly. The three things why I still remember this day is an argument, beating, and bruises.

To begin with, that day I had an argument with my sister.I was seven years old. She was washing a lot of clothes, and it was a very hot day.

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My sister told me to bring some water for her, but I was a stubborn person. For example I would never do anything for anyone in my family unless I wanted to, whether what they did to me or said to me. However that day my sister was so mad, and “she screamed bring the water or else you will see the other side of me. ” I still ignored her and pretended that she was not even there.

My sisters walked up to me, and told me to again go and get he water I said that I cannot do it.She started cursing me. I continuing ignored her, but I still insisted on my words. She continued augmenting few minutes, and I walk away from her.

The next step, I remember my sister walked up to me and slapped me in the face. I was shocked because I was not expecting that from her because she never hit me before. I used to get away whatever mistake I did, but that day my sister was out of her mind. She was hitting me with her long hand in my face. In addition to that she took off her shoes and started beating me up.I tried to hold her hand, but that made it worse.

She got very mad at me, and she thought I was trying to fight back. For example, in our community if one of you an elder is beating you and you tries to stop it. They think you provoke them which real make the issue worse. That was exactly what my sister thought I was doing which I was not. I was crying for the entire day, and the worst part was she hit me in the face. It was too painful for me. Worst of all, I remember I was back at home with a lot of bruises on my face.

My face as red all over. The rest of my body was worse. It took me a week to walk out of the house. Because I knew people will keep asking me what happened to your face. Every time I looked at my face in the mirror. I saw the bruises, and I started crying. It was silly to cry all day, but the pain was too enormous for me.

For example I could not lay dawn in the night. I waked up in middle of the night and I started crying as if the cry can take away my pain. Because I was very young, and I thought crying will eliminate my pain.

I did not talk to my sister for whole month. I was so mad at her, and I told myself that one day I would have gotten revenge at that time. Even though she apologizes so many times, I still could not forgive her. One thing that I could not forget was the bruise on my face To sum up, my childhood memorable moment is the day my sister beat me up very remember that day. Even though I have forgiven her, I still could not forget.

One thing I learn from that day was been stub is not worth it. At the same time, I also learn to forgive, but not forget.

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